Next 10x Stock Winner


I am skeptical, not a per ma bear ! I am cautious on market. With stocks coming to SMA 200 level, and yield curve not flattening, It is good to hold or buy.

I am positive this time as I sold lot of stocks already to grab them at low.

Unlike Jan/Feb down fall, which surprised me, this time, I am escaped ahead of time as I had my own program to understand how market is behaving.

I did not post here that I am selling as many brand me as BEAR or bounced me when I tell them I sold.

Here is my own program output which told me market high is on 08/29. It may be right or wrong, I trust my own program and apply my manual review.

This will not predict, but it will tell me whether market is hot or weak. The logic is not 100% coorrect, and not even 80% or 90% correct. It just helps me to decide.

The current fall is not a surprise, but I clearly expected it. This will settle in 7 days from tomorrow" We are not going to be in downturn.




Happy camper again :slight_smile:



Most 10x stocks are behaving similarly to SHOP.



All thanksgiving and black Monday stock sale is over by now…Those who purchased last week or yesterday, enjoy.


Except for TWLO… The market doesn’t like their acquisition.


Same thing with SIRI, market did not like buying Pandora, dropped both to hell.


@Jil, I have to admit that your predictions have been on the dot. Thanks for sharing.


ntnx is deep red.


Many smaller cap names are getting shot. Atlassian down 11%. Cult favorite Shopify down almost 5%. Docusign down 8%.


57% yr/yr rev growth




Looks like MDB has good support.


“Revenue jumped 68 percent from a year earlier, according to a statement .”

Now that Uber revenue isn’t in the yr-yr comp the revenue growth accelerates. NTNX is setup for the same type of run once the hardware revenue isn’t in the yr-yr comp numbers.


Senate controls by Republican, House controls by Democrats = Goldrilocks = Can’t do any thing = Very good for stock market




Hope your a little, is a lot :slight_smile: Congras. I didn’t buy any :disappointed_relieved:



I did not buy TWLO, but I bought ETSY which has similar jump.


Square, @tomato’s favorite stock, is tanking after hour.


4.64% is not tanking.



How much down qualifies as tanking then?