Next 10x Stock Winner


Tech stocks are slaughtered especially small caps.



anny news i missed?


PPI increases imply inflation risk imply FED would continue to raise rate.
High rate means margin of small cap would be squeezed.
Mega cap has cash, and hence can mitigate higher rate but is dragged down by folks that liquidate ETFs/funds and shorting of ETFs.


Even big company like GE is down to 2011 prices.


GE is a long term goner.


Imagine if Apple makes 2% more interest on all of its cash. That’s a lot of extra earnings. Their debt is long-term fixed at very low rates. The cash is invested very short-term, so rising interest rates benefit them.


Feels good to be green on a day like today!


Feel good to own waste management stocks :slight_smile: Who da know :slight_smile:



:joy::joy: Sure…while those investors make money, you can hold on to your strong belief in tech names and bleed $$$$…BTW, make your faith stronger as some testing times coming ahead for you!!!


@Real_dreams, I am hoping at some point you will tell us why you feel negative about the tech stocks. :smile:


I dont have company sales/profit numbers to share like others. All I see is big money getting out of some major names and I am following suit. If that changes, so will my opinion.


I owned those stocks :joy: Proof below :wink:

What stocks do you own that are green now?

Below are the stocks that I owned that are green :sweat_smile: These are typical “recession proof” stocks and usually move in opposite direction to tech stocks, and pay dividends. Goal of holding them is to have “balance” and some “money” to spend in “hardship”.



I am trying to be more nimble in this volatile market environment. Shook up some of my long term holds to be down to intermediate and short term timeframes. In that quest, sold PANW at 188.15 yesterday. Got back in at 180.30 and out at 182 today. Not comfortable holding tonight across weekly timeframes (today is end of week) as we are in an intermediate term downtrend. Lets hope things stabilize soon and I can get back to invest longer term


From investing/ position trading to day trading :grinning:
I got rid of some SHOP, SPLK, NTNX and IRBT. Raise cash. Didn’t buy back.
Didn’t do anything for long term holdings such as AAPLs, index fund and those dividend stocks… actually I don’t monitor/ manage them at all.


Desperate times, desperate measures !! Can’t treat this market like that of 6 months ago. You have the luxury to hold on very long term while I need to grow my nest egg to buy some real estate, need to be more nimble !!


Too much day trading, you would end up having more white hairs than me :scream:


Too risky to keep your down payment money in stock market. You are better off buying a home you can afford now, build equity over a few years, and then trading up. Even if the starter home value goes down in the short term, this plan works because even your dream home will become cheaper.


This line of thought is what I did for buying Primary :grinning: it free you from worrying about a roof over your head till you are ready to upgrade :smiley:


Yep. I bought a year after the dotcom bust. I had seen my paper wealth on options evaporate to 0. but bought a small TH in San Jose as it just made sense (with roommates, i was paying less then my old rent). Didn’t look at the stock market for years


I have 2 bay area properties…well, 1 in ‘outer bay area’. 1 primary, 1 investment. Hope to buy 1 more if we see a slowdown next couple of years