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Tech are back :slight_smile:


Hybrid clouds are temporary stop gap measures. Most likely because of internal IT pushback towards complete wholesale migration to public cloud. Maybe because of fear of losing influence?

Hybrid cloud is like a Prius hybrid. It’s neither here or there. For cars long term is no compromise all electric. For clouds it will be all public. Hybrid cloud is just a clutch to get there.


This vision is since the dawn of the web and we are still not there :slight_smile:


There will always be some data and workloads that companies won’t want to put in a cloud.


Why? That’s like insisting on using internal power generators for some operations instead of public utility. Amazon google and Microsoft have way better people and more money to secure their data centers than some random IT shops.


Not good enough analogy. How about like insist on keeping cash under the carpet instead of depositing in the bank :slight_smile:


That’s like asking why companies require VPN to connect to company network from outside but not while plugged into the network.


Strong and Weak Technologies

Strong Weak
Public internet Private intranets
Consumer web Interactive TV
Crowdsourced encyclopedia (Wikipedia) Expert-curated encyclopedia (e.g. Nupedia, Encarta)
Crowdsourced video (YouTube) Video tech for media companies (e.g. RealPlayer)
Internet video chat (Skype) Voice-over-IP (e.g. Vonage)
Streaming music (Spotify) MP3 downloads (e.g. iTunes)
Touchscreen smartphones with full operating system and app store (iPhone) Limited-app smartphones with physical keyboards (e.g. Blackberry)
Fully electric cars (Tesla) Hybrid cars
Permissionless blockchains powered by cryptocurrencies Permissioned/private blockchains
Public cloud Private / hybrid cloud
App-based media companies (e.g. Netflix) Video on demand delivered by cable companies
Virtual realty Augmented reality
E-sports Traditional sports delivered over the internet


Is there any criteria or is this just someone’s opinion?


Read the whole article.

“Strong” is trendsetting, the future. “Weak” is stop gap, a clutch to get to the future.


Yeah, I don’t get why I should care about whoever’s opinion that is.


Earlier today, Square announced a free business debit MasterCard called Square Card. The company believes the new card would help businesses manage their cash flow with ease and eliminate “the time between making a sale and having the funds available to spend.”

Issue a card and share price jumps 4+%?

10x portfolio continues to perform… +16% in 16 days into 2019



My 400 shares @$69 is almost above water… :tired_face:


3 calls under water :blush:


Strong performance continues, 18 days into 2019, +18% for 10x portfolio…


SQ calls are finally green :slight_smile: Share price appreciates 1.32%, calls appreciate 2.92%, power of calls.




Make it 20% :star_struck:



Market has reached 20 day peak, scary ride again…so sharp in reverse momentum…

Market has to go on value, based on economy or positive company results, but not on sensational news or without any news.

I get fear when market is exuberant like this…This is not good


Are we in irrational exuberance yet? Many are not onboard yet right? Time to ask @zensri .
Btw, I closed many long calls as the market rockets up :slight_smile: to deleverage. Holding mostly shares and hardly any margin. During retracement, would build up margin up to wqj’s 30% rule, to long some calls or even shares :scream:

Are you back in?


Speed of climb of calls is incredibly fast (same for decline :blush: ) From morning 2.92% to 9.40% now.