Next 10x Stock Winner




TheStreet is right.





My best performing stock today :slight_smile:






OMG, IRBT Launching Robot Lawnmower…Cool, no wonder why spikes !


How many shares of each do you own? :smile:


300 shares, 5 calls, equivalent 800 shares :grinning:


I really wish for this for a long time. Let’s see whether it’s good enough to replace the labor



IRBT chart is hard to read… Just my guess :hugs: could be a-b-c zigzag that establish a new low i.e. @Jil and @manch could be right :thinking::thinking::thinking: Anyhoo have been lightening up on 10x … no time to monitor too closely. Recession would kill these businesses faster than F10 mega cap.


TWLO and NOW shot up today too! Damn… Missing many opportunities.
10x portfolio ytd +22%, not much progress since Jan 19 (was 20% then).


NOW had good earnings. I pulled the whole cohort of cloud business software higher. COUP and WDAY are higher too.

AMD is up another 7%. Wow.

I feel like I’m not leveraged enough long.


You are not leveraged enough long until at least 50% of your net worth is in stocks.


There’s also leverage on the stock investments.


This is my take: If you buy NOW, TWLO, WDAY, COUP (even SHOP), it may be FOMO…wait for some fall opportunity and buy.

FOMO is biggest enemy of growth.


Waiting for trump :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:




How many HDL dinners for forum members? :yum:


Did you realize so far all my stocks shot up after earnings :slight_smile: Crazy bull market is IN.

We are eating :pig: burgers.


Time to pour some cold water on ya…


DCB when stocks hit ATH? These are the two stocks that you said is no good too. I think you need to re-learn FA :slight_smile: in addition please learn some TA :wink: Incidentally, my 10x portfolio hits ATH too :pig_nose::pig_nose: