Next 10x Stock Winner


10x portfolio continues to outperform the market, now 29% ytd, only requires 27% to make it 10x over 10 years.



No mention of UBNT?

+16% to a new ATH on earnings.


I mentioned many times that I can shook out of UBNT because of Citron guy, didn’t buy back in :sob: Ironic given I thought is the best 10x stock. That’s human :slight_smile: The actual reason is I am worried whether the CEO is spending too much on his sport team :slight_smile:


Citron was the time to buy more :slight_smile: He spends very little time on the basketball team. He rarely attends games. The people in Memphis complain that he’s never around. He’s basically an absentee owner.


I purchased UBNT as I missed it 12/26, holding now 50% after the results.


Walked the talk. I’m now 78% cash for 10x portfolio, ytd 29%. For option trading portfolio, 1/3 off margin :scream: at the start of the year. Just adopting your disciplined approach, hit target, pull out and wait for more favorable conditions.


The Citron guy is getting sued in Hong Kong for stock manipulation. That guy is messing up the world.


Added non-cloud and re-arrange,

Cloud Kings
RHT (sub of IBM)
VMW (sub of Dell)

Cloud Princes



Didn’t IBM buy RHT?


Not fully completed yet. Now left with NOW, WDAY and SPLK. Seriously considering adding NOW and WDAY when the opportunity comes, I think kings are sufficiently matured to survive a recession, now merely have to wait! Patient like a crocodile :slight_smile:


Yes, this is what required!

VEEV, UBNT and PYPL (100B+) are matured, will survive the down turn. Instead PYPL, add SQ.


10x Portfolio
100 SPLK, 100 VEEV, 100 NTNX
Sold out the most successful investment, IRBT :dog2:
YTD 30%
Cash 80%
Plan: Hold and wait to see what happen after Mar 1.
Crocodile: UBNT, SHOP, NOW, WDAY, TWLO … Need only 1-2 from this list

Why is SQ better than PYPL? What so good about Jack?


SQ market cap is small, when they hit good profits, jump will get you higher return( but risky one too )

Look out companies Market cap between 2B to 20B ( sq is 30B) for better growth.

I made a tiny speculative bet on SHOP today sold!



I sold all my IRBT dirt cheap :woozy_face:, I blame @Jil :exploding_head:

The real reason for closing most stock position in 10x is to focus on messing with options. Options of 10x stocks are difficult to mess around.


Stocks you can hold right, options are wild to close at top.

What if it goes up tomorrow? Very likely right?

Remind me in 15 days, whether you blame me or praise me at that time !




Did you sell stocks or options. All I see , based on S&P 500, it reaches peak in 7-10 days and then goes down. I do not know how much it will go down, 5% or 10% or 20%, no one knows. Then, market will turn up after 45-90 days. It is just technical analysis and standard short term cycle of Mr.Market.

The biggest boost is given here, FED and Chinese Govt actions. Do not expect any thing from Trump.


Both. Raising cash since Feb tends to be soft, also have Mar 1 fateful day. Reducing the number of tickers/ counters and close all calls for easy management. Would not be doing anything to 10x for now till Mar 1. The idea of 10x is supposed to be buy n hold for 10 years :blush: not messing around like now. SPLK and VEEV will be permanently in the portfolio. I need 2 more. Then will not look at the portfolio anymore till 10 years later hopefully :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

He can trump both. He is the greatest risk to stocks. My only hope is he would be done with China soon and turn his focus on EU and the wall. Since US and China are the biggest economy, I care less about what happen in EU. In fact, he is shifting his focus to the wall :slight_smile: signaling that he might be done with China.


Don’t think you have that in you anymore. Your Aapl was just a one trick pony and one time dumb luck.


IMO, Trump will not yield until he is satisfied and he keeps the topic go on until his next election. This Mar 1st may be extended and continue to see no resolution in near term.

Again, tariff will not be greater impact compared to what FED is doing. As long as FED is out of rate hike, chances of recovery possible. FED actions are silent killer of economy, but luckily they stopped it

Read this impact