Next 10x Stock Winner


NTNX reports tomorrow. SPY 10-day needs to retake the 50-day to resume the party.


FDA approved the first gene therapy drug from Novartis, where a $475k price tag is considered a bargain.

I expect KITE will be second in the approval pipeline, and JUNO the third. Of course, the farther away it is from approval, the more uncertainty it has.


Cybersecurity: Best Companies for investment

Any1 know a lot about cybersecurity? Which is the best cybersecurity stock to buy for the long haul?


I’ve researched Palo Alto, Symantec, and Fire Eye. It’s a growth area, but I think there’s too many players. The dust needs to settle, and then the remaining players can become profit machines. I can’t tell who will be the apple of cyber security.


The cybersecurity at the physical, datalink and network layer are handled by the hardware guys like CSCO, UBNT and makers of IoT, right? So companies like PANW, FEYE, GIMO, CHKP and FTNT are providing cybersecurity at the transport, session and presentation layers, right? Pardon for my ignorance… my understanding of networking is superficial and haven’t dug deeper :slight_smile:

Also, don’t cloud provider such as AWS provides the cybersecurity? Users of AWS needs to have their own?


After Market small spike. I saw a big spike today with GILD, never knew NVS is the reason for GILD spike !

==================================Motley fool said===========================
Gilead Sciences stock gained 7.3% after Swiss drugmaker Novartis (NYSE:NVS) was awarded the first approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a certain type of promising new cancer treatment. While this does not benefit Gilead directly, it does bolster investors’ confidence that the company made the right decision when it acquired Kite Pharma, Inc. (NASDAQ:KITE) on Monday, in a deal valued at $11.9 billion. The new approach, CAR-T cell therapy, is a targeted immunotherapy treatment that recruits the body’s own immune system in the fight against cancer cells. Kite is working on CAR-T therapies similar to the one approved by the FDA.
Some investors had questioned whether Gilead had overpaid, shelling out a nearly 30% premium for the smaller biotech company. Kite is a leader in the cell therapy, and is awaiting regulatory approval for axicabtagene ciloleucel, which would be the first approved treatment for refractory aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). The win for Novartis goes a long way toward validating that Gilead’s move was the right one.



CHKP is good, but FEYE avoid it. I do not know about PANW. Rest also avoid it.

John’s NVS and GILD are good and growing nicely with decent dividends.


I was thinking about this more. I think @hanera is right. I think security is a feature not an industry. Maybe I’m wrong, but these companies aren’t growing revenue very fast.


Feel like an idiot now, sold PANW before earning.
Why oh why didn’t I sell NTNX instead.
Both reported losses but one shot up, the other linger.
Report losses is better than report profits :grin: remember MOMO dives upon good results, so did VEEV and OLED.


Stocks are forward looking. Guidance vs expectations is more important than actual results. Just look at TSLA. They fail on deliveries every quarter except one. They always increase guidance to above expectations and the stock rises.


I see that you have failed to learn from your past glory (Apple).


You guys are doing it all wrong.

Mr. Golden, who is 40, lives in a suburb of Ocala, Fla. Since he has been shorting VIX, he says his net worth has gone to $12 million from $500,000 in about five years.

Raise your hand if your investment record beat his…


He is day trading.


What did Deng Xiaoping say about cats?


Not the right analogy.


This is not investing but gambling, so it is a zero sum game. So that means other people have lost $12 million to him.

Also, my record beat his. Because my real estate investment portfolio was $0 five years ago. Now it is $x. So my rate of increase is infinity… :rofl:


VIX ETF trading, ETN Trading, 3x trading, options tradings and options spread are high volatile and high risk adventure. They can make 500k to any level. It can also lead to any positive amount to bankruptcy (high negative).

wuqijun is right on “This is not investing but gambling, so it is a zero sum game. So that means other people have lost $12 million to him”

Here is the hedge fund person who made remarkable progress using mathematics. In fact, he made algorithmic trading (like HFT) before the HFT came to USA.


No trade goes in the same direction forever. That’s still a pretty amazing return though. I always wonder what happens to people like that when the one strategy they know doesn’t work anymore. Do they keep trying it until they go broke, or do they adapt to a new strategy?


Read up on Jesse Lauriston Livermore. His trading rules.


Mr Market torments me today.
Sold position - PANW up $14. 10%+ appreciation.
Owned position - AMBA down $11. 20%+ decline.

But portfolio continues to blast forward :grin: because IRBT shot up by $1 and LQMT shot up by 2.8 cents. And I have way more of those than PANW and AMBA :joy: