Next 10x Stock Winner


I believe in SQ long term. IT passes a large smell test - i see and indirectly use their pos system every day. They are moving to become a business lender too, so overall, i think their prospects are good.

The recent 10+% move is unwarranted, and i feel like it’ll drop, but i will hold. I am leveraged on SQ.


One way to lock in gain in SQ, if you are worried about it going down, is to sell the stock and buy the calls. Make sure the calls are at the money though. I am sure option guru @hanera can fill you in on the details.


I am all calls at this point for SQ, deep in the money, already at 30+%. At some point it went negative though after earnings. It was hard times.


I am new to options strategy. Still reading my first book. So maybe you can roll it up? To buy some calls nearer the money instead. You can either sell one and buy one, 1:1 ratio, or even do a 1:N if you are a crazy bull like @wuqijun.


Crazy??? Um… I’m not the one going for broke with the margins. Who exactly is crazier? :rofl:


I am more comfortable with deep in money. Out of money/near money is leveraging like 10x in some cases. not for me.


Sell deep in money and buy one near the money is safer not riskier. You are pocketing gains. Why is it riskier?


We are all crazy in different ways. :upside_down_face:


Sorry i misread. I think i am fine with deeper in the money :slight_smile:


This thing, called love, I just can’t handle it, crazy little thing called love :grinning:


Wow this is a significant moment for me because I have always been the one influenced by YOU all on this forum. Reading, learning, and (mostly) silent until recently.

Now for the first time I actually feel like an influencer that our forum creator himself has followed me into an investment. Wow! This is a poignant moment for me!

If there are other lurkers like myself out there…know that you too could be influencing people like @manch if you speak up. And, maybe one day, even @wuqijun!

Now hopefully match doesn’t crash and burn :wink:


I am also learning from you all. I won’t hold it against you if Match dropped dead tomorrow. :smile:


Does that mean I’m an old dog and can’t learn new tricks? :rofl:


Haha well I meant that you are very stubborn and hard to convince! That judgment is based almost solely on the whole bitcoin thread.

But I don’t think it’s insurmountable. I mean, you’re still active in the bitcoin thread even if it’s to say it’s going to zero. So I think you’re open to being convinced of something new…


Are you trying to convince me to buy bitcoin? I don’t need that. I’m already doing great with stocks and real estate.


What about MLPs;_ylc=X1MDMTE5Nzc4NDE4NQRfZXgDMQRfeXJpZANhNjd1Z2FsZGEyaXNtBGcDZFhWcFpEeHVjejR5WlRSaFltUXlOaTAxWm1JeExUTmtOVFV0T1RGa1ppMDBZV1k0T0dGbU9UQTVZemwxZFdsa1BHNXpQazFOVUE9PQ0KBGxhbmcDZW4tVVMEb3JpZ19sYW5nA2VuBG9yaWdfcmVnaW9uA1VTBHBvcwMxBHJlZ2lvbgNVUwRzeW1ib2wDTU1Q?.tsrc=applewf


The stock is MTCH… explore the site…


IMO putting money in all oil stocks has the same risk, rather I focus on the top 2 companies and buy one of them., the diversify with different companies.

In this way, I own XOM (not Chevron, nor BP), moderate profit margin, payout appx 66% with 4.15% Dividend.leader in USA.

Next best one I see now is WFC, selling one of the low end, good dividend, profit margin, but kind of legal issue with government scrutiny. They will ultimately pay some penalty and come out of this mess, but stock is too good.

My own preference is MASI, medical equipment company, it was down, but up 5% since I bought. No dividend, but selling less than fair value, good profit margin. The other leader is Sunnyvale based ISRG, best to buy at DIP.

Next one is RS, steel and aluminium, company moderate profit margin, good dividend for last 5 years and good growth last five years. This one of the best in steel companies, benefit is Trump steel tariff, better to hold long with nice dividend.


BP: Demand for oil could peak by late 2030s

Global demand for crude is likely to “plateau” during the late 2030s, mostly because of the rise of electric cars and trucks, BP predicted Tuesday in its annual outlook.

Currently own CVX, considering selling… :thinking:


Most cars will be electric in 10 years, but heavy transports SHIP, Trucks and Airplanes still be on gas.

BP and XOM are good with almost same sales 240B

BP has 6.1% dividend yield, but has 200% pay out with low profit margin 1.5%

XOM has 4.15% dividend yield, but has 66% pay out with moderate profit margin 8.3%

I choose XOM over BP for long term perspective. Above all see this post (source WSJ )