Next 10x Stock Winner


Who are buying the small caps?
Daily appreciation :grin:


Great suggestion. I feel like using a company’s product myself can keep me one step ahead of analysts who have to wait for company data through official channels. E.g., when MATCH launched a new type of subscriptions on Tinder, my roommate immediately signed up and raved about it, and was telling single friends they should sign up too. I bought a little more stock :slight_smile: It was a while before there was an earnings update which showed that it was a hit / big revenue driver - and then the stock jumped.

@wuqijun here is the portfolio of holdings if you want to take a look…


I’ll do it if you are willing to become an investor for my flipping business.


I did not realize that tinder, okcupid, all belong to the same company. So the match group has a monopoly on match making. Maybe a good long term hold since this business will be there forever.


Omg I’m in! I would totally invest in your flipping business :smiley:


Why do you need investors for flipping? Are you getting too many deals and not enough money to buy?


Ok PM me.


I wasn’t looking. I said that just to get her off my back about that match thing but to my surprise she wants in. So now I can use my commission to buy match. Why not? Win-win :slight_smile:


Up, up and away again.
I can see marcus335 and manch face that they are very happy with NTNX… this juggernaut can’t be stopped!



NTNX is good. But I wish it doesn’t melt up like this. Slow and steady is way better.

Some other star performers:

LRCX: +5.74%
MOMO: +5.04%
TAL: +4.22%
ATHM: +4.85%

FOMO!!! :innocent:


When we first talk about it in this thread, it was traded between $20-$22 for ages.
10x stocks seem to be stalling… time to switch to F10!


My current picks are MCD, WFC, DEO and XOM as dividend payers, and DLTR is another non-dividend company.

These five almost touched the bottom and recovering.




holy shit MU :slight_smile:


As I said other thread, missed MU around 40s, but picked up already… Shit is with me now…


Guess you didn’t pay attention to the AI’s investment implications thread :zipper_mouth_face:


i bought it already, i am sitting on nice profit :slight_smile:


MU passed $60!



Look out for tiny cap NVEC …


Interesting technology