Next 10x Stock Winner


Since August, 28:

NTNX 130%
SHOP 44%
TWLO 41%
VEEV 36%
UBNT 13%

SPY is 14%, so only UBNT is lagging and the rest are at least 2x the return of SPY. Equal weighted they’d return 52%.


Good dividend payer, even though payout is 148%, this Profit Margin is excellent. I missed the dip,as I was not focussing less than 1B mcap companies, but today morning I got some.


6 months ago AMZN was still under 1k. This morning it’s 1600. 60% gain. So why bother with these minnows?


Small caps can grow more (likely 10x ) than Amazon. The focus is to identify good small companies.


A move that big for a company Amazon’s size is very rare.


ATM, any cloud-based tickers are up big… kind of like 1997-2000, dotcom era. This time is cloud era :slight_smile:
So buy any companies vaguely has a cloud presence till it didn’t work :rofl: please learn from dotcom era when to run!


Seattle property jumps 60% and any SFHs near AMZN Lab126 in SV also jumps 60%… kind of :rofl:
Imagine if you’re a senior developer/ manager/ architect+ working in AMZN for more than 4 years where quite a big chunk of your RSUs has vested, given that AMZN has stagnated for awhile and then suddenly jumps 60% after 6 months, shouldn’t you play it safe to sell those RSUs to overpay for any SFHs! Got to spend the ill-gotten gains before someone spoil the cook.


It’s even more pronounced with AMZN due to the comp structure. A bigger portion of comp is RSU than at most companies. They are granted assuming a 15% annual increase to achieve target comp in the future. The hire on ones vest 5%, 15%, 40%, and 40%. There’s a monthly bonus the first two years to make up for less stock vesting. People that hired in 3-4 years ago have comp based on the stock increasing 52-75% during that time. It’s up over 300% vs. 3 and 4 years ago. If stock is supposed to be 30% of comp, their total comp is going to be 27-36% higher than planned.

The annual awards during performance reviews usually vest over 2 years, and even those shares are worth a lot more than expected.

I’m guessing our grants this year will be smaller, because most people are above the top of their pay range based on the increase in value of prior grants. It’s almost doubled vs. my hire date just over a year ago. It’s not even supposed to hit that high for my 4th year of vesting. Even if it’s completely flat the next 3 years, I still come out ahead vs. the target.


Actually I am aware of an AMZN employee paying full cash for a SFH in Cupertino worth $2.8M. He used to stay in a condo. There is no way RE in SV would decline if SWEs are earning so much and stock prices keep rallying.


Bought another call on amazon. Keep going up! :rocket:


Funny, I bought a GOOG call last Friday, couldn’t get rid of it, my target is too high :slight_smile: may be is a blessing, sell 2mrw :slight_smile:



Why Is Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. (UBNT) Down -11.68% Since its Last Earnings Report?


How can that article not mention the SEC subpoena which is the main reason the stock tanked? That article deserves an F.


Ticker…x…Market Cap in $B

Quite a few no longer less than $10B :slight_smile:


Micron is almost 70B and you still call it small cap?


typo, not 七十 is 十七 :hugs:


Ok - @manch @hanera pick 3 favorite positions each short term. I will initiate a small call on them.


Thought it is obvious that my list is in an descending order of preference :slight_smile:




Ok, will initiate PANW, already had mu :slight_smile: