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Why shop and not mu?



I have tons of MU! How much do you think I need? Replace all with MU :slight_smile:
Previously unloaded some SHOP at dirt cheap price, now need to buy back at higher price. Sell low buy high :hugs:


Not consistent with what your previous stand to buy at the close :wink:


Review DLTR, buy some, buy at dip !


I thought I would still be driving. Turns out not. See I am punished by not sticking to my policy. Should have just stopped at highway shoulder and trade.


Share buyback by company or someone is aware of the favorable outcome of the SEC probe?
Edit: UBNT board approves new $200 million stock buyback… need to verify.


When the founder controls 70% of the vote, the board does whatever he wants. If not, he can call for a shareholder vote and replace the board. Based on the language, he can use this to sell his own shares back to the company. It’s still good of the share count is decreasing.

There’s one good thing about a founder that owns 70%. It’s 100% in his best interest to maximize shareholder value. He literally has billions riding on it.




Almost all stocks are peak, I my return as of YTD is 11.54%, cashed some today as I reached this year milestone of 10% +.



Looks overbought. Will it crash?


A stock in strong momentum can stay overbought for months.
Have sold 250 shares, now holding 500 shares.
No plan to sell those 500 shares, if it corrects to say, $40, would add 500 shares.
I think the transition to software only is working very well.


That’s why I don’t like overbought vs oversold. It goes back to Buffet’s saying of the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. If you’re trading, then price is king. Pick a moving average to use as your stop and stick to it.


MongoDB shot up 7.4% today.

Twilio continues to amaze. Up another 3.6%.

Arista is fast climbing out of the after-earnings hole. Fast approaching my next buy point.



Things Are Getting Too Bubbly for Shopify Inc Stock

Even Wall Street analysts are a bit antsy. Note that the average price target on SHOP stock is $144.46, which actually implies 3% downside.

Given this, it should be no surprise that the company’s management has recently issued 4.8 million shares of new stock, raising a cool $657.6 million. Might as well strike while things are hot, right?

Shopify Inc’s Problem Is It’s Still Not Making Money
Definitely. But for investors now looking at SHOP stock, it might be prudent to wait for a better price.


Time to take defensive posture for SHOP :slight_smile:


It might go sideways for a bit and consolidate, but they still have an amazing growth rate. If you sell, what’s your goal? Do you want to re-buy at a lower price? Do you want to invest the money in something else?


Taking a breather…



Not satisfied with micron’s 2% rise?