Next 10x Stock Winner


I break the silence, good 6% jump. Are you following SQ? It seems I missed that boat too. I am at loss with FB now


I was early on it in the fall. It was a break even trade. I think Dorsey needs to pick 1 company to run and focus 100% on it.


That boat will float for a while. find dips, there was a massive dip i had to suffer through around november last year (iirc). I held on nicely :slight_smile:


What price did you get in? Looks to me good buy to hold for long like hanera’s AAPL or Wuqijun’s TSLA+FB !

When it dips sometime, I will get in.


I expect SQ to reach 3-4x from where it is now. I need to check my price range, i had to realize some capital losses towards year end, but as soon as wash rule expired, i rebought, i went in with calls, too.


What so good about SQ?

For tomato’s sake, notice SHOP rocks harder :slight_smile:



MULE up 25%. Hardest of all.


You have MULE? If not, it doesn’t matter :rage:


No. :smile:

But I have NOAH, up 7.7% and TAL, up 5.9%.


BTW, AMZN overtook GOOG in terms of market cap today:




Check again


SHOP and SQ are two different animals.

SHOP is sales side, continue to grab accounts and grow. IMO, Volatility is high in the long run. They are growing mainly by follow on equity sale than real profit/growth. This is scary ride, but going up and up.

SQ is on payment side, like a bank, similar to paypal, paytm…etc.Highly competitive area, tough to breakthrough many competitors. I am hoping this may fetch higher profit margin (%) and faster into sustainable profit level.


Sq is going into business lending, too.


SQ loses money on the payments side. It’s all about upselling businesses to the other services they offer. That’s what makes me nervous about them.


There are so many payment system, I’m very confused. Zelle come to mind!
What is the difference from Apple Pay and Google Pay?
The payment process is complicated, involved many parties and has many sub-processes, really don’t know which sub-processes are each of this payment system focus on. Or are they focus on different demographics, business segments, …


SQ is stone age tech compared to Alipay and WeChat Pay in China. How come Facebook doesn’t copy those Chinese features and beat the crap out of SQ?


That’s on the complexity of the front end that you see. The back end is a mess. I think a block chain technology with a super low transaction cost could be very, very disruptive to the whole payment eco system.

In one swoop, you could eliminate multiple layers worth of players.


@tomato, Are you happy that everyone is cursing SQ and its business now?


How so?