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good article on the flows in the credit card process.
So what value does the credit card network provide ? Or in other words why does Visa have a 280 billion $ market cap? @marcus335


Do you regret asking everyone to talk about SQ ? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


To be honest, I don’t think they add much value. That’s why a low cost block chain solution could completely disrupt the credit card industry.


Front-end Apple pay, backend block chain, done. Which coin company should Apple acquire?


Shit yo. Salesforce is acquiring them for 6b huge.


Great article on credit card payment process


@wuqijun @tomato what’s up with you guys’ CEO?


he’s bs’ing :slight_smile:


Why ask me? He owes me money!


SHOP and NTNX rock hard.


ABBV down 14%…Good dividend payer. Both VZ and T, again dividend payer at its lowest.

My new PICK is NYSE:RS , it is lowest today, I hope, and a dividend payer.


I have this feeling the stock market is going to crash tomorrow. Someone please reassure me!

I decided to sell 1/2 my holdings of one stock a few days ago. I sold the first chunk but for the second chunk I set the limit order very slightly too high and it didn’t go through. And now it’s down maybe 8 percent since then.

Should I sell that bit at the new price tomorrow? Am I needlessly panicking?

Trading wars impact

I really do not know what will happen tomorrow. Here is someone asked similar question, read the answer


See why it is still too early to BTFD.


Of course it’s too early…I’m still waiting for the 5,000 point drop since last month…


True. No one really knows the bottom. No one really gets at bottom and sells at top.

Since I am comfortable jumping today, I do that.

Since I expected a fall (speculative), I sold all my stocks well ahead and holding cash.

On any case, I am not panicking, but trying to time the market (which I know wrong investment perspective).

Here is what someone did exactly like me.


BTFD = Think is still a bull market, just short-term decline.
If start of a bear market, BTFD is foolish, should short if you’re long-short trader, stay in cash if you’re a long only trader, or continue to do what you have been doing if you’re an investor.


Good advice here. I’m no longer panicking, so thank you all for commenting. I’m going to sell the amount I had already planned in the AM.

My intuition is telling me something is very wrong. I had a dream two years ago that we were in world war 3 with China. In the dream I felt a sense of doom that I have never felt before. It felt like a premonition. Luckily all my friends told me I was crazy and it would never happen, because we do too much trade with China. So now I’m reading all this news about trade wars it is worrying.


They may exchange or add/remove/modify tariffs between two countries, but eventually settles down. Unless Yield curve is negative, we will not go down turn. At times, I am also pessimistic, but fluctuation may happen.


If WW3 kills everyone, your investment portfolio won’t matter :slight_smile: