Next 10x Stock Winner


Someone posted like this. Just sharing for knowledge purpose (Contents may be aggressive/offensive), do not scold me for that !


WW3 fought between USA and China was predicted by some guys long ago, heard of it when I was a teenager i.e. a few decades ago. At that time I thought is fought with guns and bullets.

Now I realize World War 3 is not fought with guns and bullets :slight_smile: Is global unrest… could be sparked by Trump’s trade war.


Since you know all the truth, now I can provide my guess !

Positive side:

Tomorrow, very likely stocks DOW will go up 100 points to 300 points (as of now DOW futures -200). This is pure guess work. Normally when a DIP like 720 happens, and whole week stocks are down, pull back is very common, that too Friday behaves opposite side of the whole weekday.

Negative side:

On the pessimistic side, if DOW downs another 1000 points tomorrow, panic will set in (including me).

Since China retaliated with 3B tariif (they are just retaliating, but genuinely seeking US long term relationship), panic sell will not happen.

This is my guess work, nothing is guaranteed with Mr.Market.


I am pretty confident we are still in a secular bull market, with at least 5 more years to go. What I need to guard against is those freak free-falsl like the 1987 crash. I just need to make sure I am not wiped out in that scenario. So whenever my portfolio falls below my stop, I sell, mechanically. It doesn’t matter how I feel about the market. I force myself to sell.

Right now I am planning to sell 8-10% of my holding in the next 14 hours, starting now in the HK/China market.


Why not buy out of money puts for cheaper? IV is probably high now, but still?


I’d need to buy a ton. Selling is easier and cheaper.


Options and futures are invented for farmers and miners, then spreads to other equities. Long put is supposed to provide downside protection but I always find put too expensive, might as well sell the underlying for the same reason as manch or just do nothing.


makes sense - and i agree with farmers/miners and some commodities


No one has control on external forces. Even last year 3 or 4 times market fell heavily like BrExit etc.

It is up to us to make it or use such opportunities.

The only way to secure ourself is to systematically invest in stocks (like real estate). Lot of reading / understanding required to minimize the damage.

IMO, as long as I get loss on appreciation that is fine.


Rules are your protection for when the market is irrational. You can’t predict how long it’ll remain irrational.


I follow your rules of breaking below 10-day SMA to close position. Almost close all position :hugs: just in case it crashes on Monday. If not, can always buy back.



Thinking of selling loser, iRBT. Did you close your IRBT position?




Was ZScaler (ZS) ever discuss on this thread? Thoughts on this recently IPOed cloud security provider?


I don’t think it has been. What should we know about it?


I haven’t really done a deep dive on the company. They had a successful IPO earlier this month and the fully cloud security aspect certainly looks interesting. At this time, I wanted to check if anyone else here is tracking this company.






All my holdings are red today except one: MongoDB. Up 1.8% among the bloodshed. Amazing!