Next 10x Stock Winner






Why is IRBT going up too? Stocks are rallying, can’t they wait for me?
I need time to adjust for this sudden change in sentiment!


FOMO is calling your name.


FOMO bought MU, PANW, SHOP, VEEV and SPLK… still going up… damn…
Only stocks, still not comfortable with long calls yet… may be should be long calls to capitalize the fast & furious coiled spring release… not sure, just want to be safe…


Ibkr is also doing good.


• Barclays reiterates its Overweight rating for MongoDB (NASDAQ:MDB) and raises the price target from $45 to $47, a nearly 11% upside to yesterday’s close.

• Firm says MongoDB is the most prominent next-gen database vendor that’s addressing a large market opportunity.

• Barclays sees a long runway of healthy growth for the NoSQL-based, hybrid database platforms due to the company’s positioning.


How is their DB used? Do they host instances in the cloud? Can I run MongoDB on AWS, Google, or Azure? Do I have to have my own server to run it?


Does MB run on my imaginary server?


it’s easy to run highly available mdb on kubernetes on aws/google cloud.


MDB has been pretty strong in last few days’ market turmoil. Wonder who’s been buying.


Can I run MongoDB on AWS, Google, or Azure? Do I have to have my own server to run it?

It is open source, can run individual servers, cloud servers such as AWS. Since it is open source, many companies use it.


Good Choice for 10x.

I knew about MDB long time. It is a good buy for any one to hold long even in this down period as I see more and more companies will use this software as cost cutting purpose. The loser is oracle, gainer is MongoDB.


Anyone want to chase momentum?

SHOP seems to be breaking up!


FOMO calling your name again.


I’m still watching. No options trades until we go above the 50-day or below the 200-day.


I didn’t think SHOP would sign-up companies as big as Ford and some of the others listed. I think that blows a huge whole in the Citron short thesis.

UBNT is consolidating at $70. Recently, it’s been more stable than the overall market. It was a great buy after the gap down to $55.

NTNX is consolidating at $50.


Shorted puts, and long call calendars. Need to chase momentum :joy:





Market is still nervous. All my gains evaporated around noon.