Next 10x Stock Winner


SHOP is up nicely on product announcement. @hanera This is what they do with all those SWEs.

I feel like at some point SHOP and SQ merge or they are always rivals like Master Card and Visa. It’s a huge market opportunity for both of them.


I am glad i kind of took the early bird on SQ :slight_smile:


You have good karma with Mr. Dorsey and I don’t. I took the early bird on Twtr and got burned :scream::sob::scream::sob:


TWLO crushed it. It’s up almost 12% on earnings. They really are past the losing Uber as a customer issue that was holding them back for awhile.


So just like that TWLO doubled in 5 months. :scream:


More like :fire:


I always think Amazon should have bought TWLO. Belongs naturally in AWS.


I agree 100%. The CEO of Twilio gave a talk here about running their business on AWS. So I imagine it’d be an easy integration. They are a partner. There was some confusion awhile back about AWS launching a competing service, but it was really a partnership with TWLO to use it for some AWS services.


i want google cloud to buy them tbh.


Will you be benefited if that happens?


Google Cloud is a distraction for Google. It needs to find a go-to-market strategy for its AI portfolio. It can’t keep cruising on ads if it wants to grow to the next level. Without self-sustaining business income its AI stuff are just interesting science projects.


Your input will not be considered unless you are a shareholder of the company stock.


Tells the guy who praises fb.

Google cloud has the potential to be cash cow.


WhatsApp previously pledged they will never sell ads. But then the guy left. So it remains to see if that pledge sticks. But I think putting ads on WA could be weird. Even if they do they can’t put tons of ads between people’s chats. They are experimenting with other rev streams like business chats and in India, payments.

Amazon is the king of monetization strategies. I like its eagerness to make money.


UBNT up over 11% on earnings. It’s just below it’s ATH.


Took at peep. Realize I “10%” from the point I sold all… soul searching… Is not about $, is about pride :cry:


What happened to your Apple-esque buy and hold win big long term?


Don’t know enough of these 10x companies. Apple is a consumer company… can easily buy their products to try. 10x, not sure whether their revenue is BS-type… can’t assess the quality and sustainability. Has to rely businessman like manch… he says he can’t find 5 companies using SHOP.


I have drunk some Spotify kool aid and itching to buy.


Tsla is perfect for you.