Next 10x Stock Winner


I bought at $45 four years ago and I thought that was a good deal :scream:


I’ll be happy with $50. Almost 3x for me already in a short while.


NTNX has coooled a bunch. MU is also similar - consolidating?


Yeah. It went from $35 to $55 crazy fast. Now it’s in a channel that’s trending upward.


:fire: :fire: :fire:


Yayy :rocket:


@lulu, did you buy any LULU?


Yes! I sold some when it was up 50% but held onto some :smile:


Manch’s next question: do you shop at Lululemon? :stuck_out_tongue:


@harriet knows me well… :smile:

Can people tell if someone is wearing a $100 pair of lulu? Versus some cheapo $30 amazon basics?


No, unless the logo is in my face.


Any1 know any news about IRBT? Up big for two days in fact since last week.


No idea. might be that kim jong-un said he wanted a roomba once he makes with his big bro usa.


Kim’s real life big bro didn’t fare too well. I won’t want him calling us big bro… :cold_sweat:


He already kill all relatives and consolidated power. There’s no need to kill more. There’s no one else left to kill…


He definitely made sure no one will doze off in a meeting


Kim is super smart. Just a few months back he was viewed as one of the world’s worst dictators and universally despised. Now he’s buddy with the president of the most powerful country after a few PR moves. Trump/Kim summit is a great success, for Kim.


Success for Trump too. They use each other to move ahead in their political “career”.


立威 is a SOP for someone unknown to the world. The way to do it is to do something very disruptive and unexpected especially killing a few of your own, either very close or very powerful (killing foes is not 立威).


Very medieval :smile: I see that North Korea has metamorphosed from a medieval society to a modern state in a matter of months. Something that took several centuries for the West to do :rofl: