Next 10x Stock Winner


Well Kim family is very modern and progressive, they use Macs :slight_smile: and he wants to learn from Singapore :joy:


NTNX :rocket:


Yup loving it!


Oddly, the big boys are not rallying much. Well, other than TSLA, other F10s meh.


SQ, NTNX, boom!


I can but I know the pants styles, etc. My husband is now obsessed and has like 4 pairs of their pants and the underwear too…


Wow! Must buy LULU!


Men’s style looks feminine though, doesn’t it? I have a friend who loves Lululemon and every time he wears their jacket I thought he was wearing a women’s jacket.


Is in for men to wear femininely. Men no longer wear collar shirts, they wear round or v-neck. Look at Armani menswear, very feminine.


I don’t think so, at least not the pants, all of my friends even wear them to work as work pants. I mean they are fitted somewhat if that translates as feminine but baggy clothing isn’t really instyle anymore.


Exactly what my friend said in defense. You know the 90s are coming back in style for men. Look at Bruno Mars :smile:


10x Up & making new highs.
Cloud Kings Up & making new highs.

Care to explain why your mu… is red?
If your stock is not making new ATH, you are not good :imp: because anyhow pick is better.



I can’t, like I can’t explain why IQ doubled in 2 months.

Strength in numbers. On the nights curry is not feeling well it helps to have other guys on the team.


IQ, GHG doubled.
I bought IQ calls yesterday, alrady up massive :slight_smile:


next time, share this type of juicy insider trading stocks with us.


it’s luck, nothing more.


zs and zuo are up big time.



Avalara is the year’s first SaaS startup from Seattle.


The tax software space is getting pretty crowded.