OMG, Jeff "God" Bezos Is Available!



All the time, and legally since 9/11. I thought this is what Edward Snowden tried revealing to us a couple of years ago.



Oooooh. The plot thickens. I wonder how much he got paid for it.


Hmm, someone says that it was US government leaked the penis to Tabloid. Is the mistress brother working for the government? :rofl:

I wonder whether the mistress asked her brother to leak in orde to get Jeff get a divorce. Jeff will get it sorted out :joy:


It’s confirmed. His mistress shared text with her friends before the Tabloid

“Lauren Sanchez, a former L.A. television host, has been an entertainment reporter, host of Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” and runs a film production company. She is married to Patrick Whitesell, co-CEO of powerhouse talent agency William Morris Endeavor.”


She was very proud of her ability to ‘catch’, so she shared her great accomplishment with her female friends :smile:


Bozos live like a monk for decades! Should be easy for any with the right intent.


Should have gone to some strip clubs instead.


What a joke. A #1 richest man’s private part was sold by his mistress.

Next time, better give her $1B so that she has no need to sell the picture


Sánchez was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is of Mexican descent. After graduating from high school, she moved to Los Angeles to attend El Camino College in Torrance, California, where she wrote for the college newspaper. She made the dean’s list at El Camino and qualified for a scholarship to the University of Southern California, where she majored in communications.

Sánchez has a son Nikko, born in 2001, from her relationship with former NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez. In August 2005, Sanchez married Patrick Whitesell, a Hollywood agent and founding partner of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment.[2] She has a son and daughter with Whitesell: Evan, born 2006, and Ella, born in 2008.[3][4]

In January 2019 it was reported that Amazonfounder Jeff Bezos was having an affair with Sanchez.[5] In February 2019, Bezos published a blog post[6] alleging that National Enquirer publisher American Media, Inc. had attempted blackmail and extortion in connection with their relationship.[7]


She was a top hot bodies :rofl:, also a top 50 most beautiful

Sanchez has been featured in Peoplemagazine’s “50 Most Beautiful” issue and Us Weekly’s “Hot Bodies” issue.


So is he going to dump her or not???



What exactly was she doing when she showed it to her friends? “Oh look, isn’t his penis cute?” “Yeah, you go girl. That’s the best dick I’ve seen in a year.”


This was what went down:

(Shows the dick pic to her friends): “Look what I’ve got (smirk)”
Friends: “You go girl! And he’s the world’s richest man? What a clown!”

Example to showcase her “power” - the end.


It hasn’t yet been fully exposed who was the leaker of the below the belt pics. Seems strange to me that Jeff Bezos would take the kind of risk he did for this woman, with her associations to media along with her brother’s connections to AMI. They are bad news.

Michael Sanchez also told “MediaBuzz” his sister and Bezos are undergoing a “forced separation.” They have agreed not to be together for one month as a concession to the white-hot atmosphere surrounding the couple.

Michael Sanchez is a Trump supporter, and his connections to Trump World figures caught up in the Robert Mueller probe have also come under scrutiny in light of the well-known acrimony between the president and Bezos.

Sanchez has twice met Roger Stone, who has pleaded not guilty to criminal charges, and Carter Page once through a minor business deal. But he has been in touch with both men about the leaks and whether they might have involved hacking, according to electronic correspondence.


That’s why playboys are just bad news for businesses. How can Bezos even think about anything other than this hot mess right now? Not to mention the divorce he’s going through at the same time.

What a fool! :-1:


This woman also worked for Fox. Maybe Fox sent her to entice Bezos to get his dick and dick picture :rofl:

How many 49 year old woman would send her boyfriend’s dick picture to her brother? Very suspicious.

They could have sent this woman to entice Obama instead of Bezos :rofl::rofl::rofl:


@bagb I know you are just trolling, but it does say in the article you posted that her brother is also her manager, and that her backed up photos were sent to her assistant… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Plenty of playboy CEOs. The worst part about this is he has no self control. Who in their right mind would take a dick pic? Even peasants should not do this for possible blackmail. Maybe he has bipolar disorder.


“The Daily Beast quoted “multiple sources inside AMI” as saying that Michael Sanchez provided the Bezos texts to the Enquirer.

Asked for comment, Sanchez told me: “Multiple potential suspects in the leaks were investigated. Of all those possible suspects, I’m the only one who never had access to below-the-belt selfies. So any attempt to implicate me in this is 100 percent false.””

The leaker is a group of people. She is the master of the whole scheme. Bezos may never figure this out. If he dumps her, will she leak even more? :rofl: