OMG, Jeff "God" Bezos Is Available!



Jeff’s nerdiness is coming through with his latest choice…

Having said that maybe Lauren is very interesting, fun & wise person… I mean who knows…


Have you dumped your Amzn yet??? :rofl:


Most of Amazon is on auto-pilot now. But the next huge strategic decision Jeff may be having too much fun with gold digger to put in his 100%.


Do you mean has he started separating from his wife in preparation for courting Mackenzie?

Do you mean it will linger nowhere like ORCL?


Long term potential of Amazon is certainly dimmer. To succeed you need stable family and a healthy loving relationship. Now Jeff is distracted. What about his five kids? Gold digger also has to divorce her husband? Now they are in Hollywood tabloids.

Versus just last year we were told Jeff was a family man who enjoys washing dishes after dinner.

Call it PR or whatever, but the personal aura is important, especially for a company of Amazon’s size and power. Everything is political. What Jeff did greatly hinders Amazon’s future.


Again, 修身齐家治国平天下

You think that’s bullshit?

Lee Kuan Yew famously married the smartest girl in his class, instead of the prettiest. They stayed married thru life. His son wrote C++ code for fun and wicked smart.

Jeff is shit.


I bet lee’s son is very ugly though.


Watch out when your boyfriend/partner/husband starts working out…




Better dump that Amzn and convert to Tsla :rofl:


Don’t you work out? So your wife should be worried? :thinking:


Someone posted like this, just sharing


:shushing_face: :japanese_goblin: :shushing_face:


It depends on the amount of her alimony.


Yes, appreciation play definitely more so, than cash flow… although I sense we all would take either…:grinning::grinning::grinning:




Cheap b*stard… he OWNS Amazon!!! My god, I think my wifey rightfully so would expect a brand new Lambo every month…


" Some considered it an unlikely coincidence that the Enquirer, which has in the past cozied up to President Trump, would invest such time investigating Bezos who has been a Trump target."

Wow. You know people have gone off the deep end when they accuse the Enquirer of following Bezos because it’s pro-Trump. I can’t think of anything more lucrative than an edition on the richest man in the world cheating on his wife.


Why should she? Would your wife get along? That’s degrading. He cheated on her, and she should stand up for herself.

Plus she’ll be master of her money soon. Even if it’s 1/4 of his wealth.