OMG, Jeff "God" Bezos Is Available!



I heard Bezos “separated” with his wife before dating another woman. If true he’s not as bad as many assumed.


It’s very expensive clothing :slight_smile: Or maybe he had Amazon make a line of clothing just for her.


I’ll accept that. But one has to wonder the story on the other married couple’s side. Did the husband know as well?


No idea whether the other guy knew. But he’s a Hollywood operator. Adultery is as natural as water I assume. :smile:


I don’t want to heart that comment, but I hear you.


Wives should always try to get along with concubines… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just because your name has the word, Jun 君, doesn’t mean you’re a lord or king or emperor :slight_smile: We are not in the era where we can have many concubines :slight_smile: Even 君 can only have 1 legal wife. Wait… Muslims can have 5 wives.


Men are pigs. One of my friends broke up with her boyfriend last month. Her ex made up some lame excuse to break it off. She’s the sweetest girl I know (and pretty too). If I were a guy I’d date her. Terrible.


Um… there’s always Stanley Ho…


She’s too innocent. She needs to learn a couple tricks from Bezo’s gold digger to seduce more men.


Don’t teach virgin bad behavior :exploding_head:


Time to put on my imagination hat. I believe that Bezos has presidential ambitions. Buying Washington Post etc indicate that. Is Lauren Sanchez his ticket to becoming the president? Does she assure him hispanic votes? Apologize for thinking along racial lines. We all know that he is big picture guy. I rank him higher than Steve Jobs in that. Why would he do something random like this at his age? Seems very unlike him.


Well, when insane RE posters even refer to him as “God”, maybe he got a big head…a big, bald head!!!


I think you are the only one who referred him that way though…


Perhaps (in all fun) but come on, after every city in the US of A is fawning all over you for HQ2 you may get a big head too… (both)


She ain’t virgin - she lived with that a-hole. Don’t get me started. I told her it was a bad idea from the beginning and she wouldn’t listen.


It’s women like your friend who created the a-holes. Imagine all the nice guys she passed to settle on that scumbag. Nice guys noticed. No point being nice.


Leading the witness, Your Honor…


Sweet and pretty girl VS a-hole.

Looks like she/girl is the one who gained in the end…


Huh? Sorry didn’t get a word you just said. If you value praises over time wasted then I don’t know what to say.