OMG, Jeff "God" Bezos Is Available!



He meant the ahole taught her valuable sexual experiences so she ended up gaining more than what the ahole gained from her.


Wow. Is that how it works nowadays? I feel like I were born 30 years too early… :sob:


I don’t think so


How it works for @Roy321


I was comparing the girl’s qualities vs the guy’s negatives like an account statement. The girl is clearly much much superior to the guy based on your description.
As far as time wasted by the girl(in the past), it’s better than future time to_ be/could_have_been wasted isn’t it? Past wasted time is called “sunk cost”.

I can explain it more in detail, but I think you’re smarter than that…


You said she “gained” because all I had to say were good things about her and trashed the other guy. She did not gain anything; has nothing to do with sunk cost or not. I would have said the same thing about her before she met her ex.


Not everyone is as wise as you though… some people have to learn through hard knocks of life.


You sure she’s not pregnant and gained a baby?


Tell princess to introduce her to you :grin:


If she is she should go for an abortion. No point in extending the bloodline of a wicked soul to further contaminate the world.

That’s jumping from one hell to another :roll_eyes:


One person’s hell could be another’s heaven… :rofl:


Manch, she looks amazing–like the kind of woman who will always be at your side supporting you in your endeavors, always smiling, and still beautiful at whatever age she’s at.


I totally agree! Jeff is a moron to give her up. Now I am with @harriet. Jeff Bezos is evil :vampire:


So why haven’t you sold your Amzn?


Well maybe Mackenzie will get half of amazon? :smile:


That’s why he went for someone with a vicious face. Dr. Evil and Mrs. Villain - match made in hell.


OMG… if the wife ended up getting half of it, then better sell like a madman… :rofl:


Hmmm, assuming MacKenzie gets half and was dumped badly, would she play the revenge card by selling out to, oh, Walmart or Target???

Yes, Jeff, you predicted your demise one day, remember???

Geez, didn’t think it would be that soon…


The only thing that can beat Jeff Bezos’ brain is his dick.


Yes, never think with the smaller head…