OMG, Jeff "God" Bezos Is Available!



Now, do you see what graph says, with 50%


All I know is that this woman is nothing but trouble. Bezos better not let her control anything of value :smile:


Which woman? Kind face or vicious face?


Kind face. Vicious face gold digger knows value of money. Can trust Amzn in her hands… :rofl:


His wife and girl friend look alike


Good grief. You are a horrible judge of character. Vicious women can take things down just out of spite when the relationship goes south.


Come on, Mr. South Lake Tahoe, time to get out of the jacuzzi…:grinning:


That’s what the kind face woman did. Never judge a book by its cover.


I wish you meet and marry the most vicious faced woman in the world. :heart:


I wish you judge characters horribly and miss out on fantastic investment opportunities. Oh wait… you are already doing that so dreams do come true :rofl:



Last year at the Oscars, we reported that Bezos and Tesla billionaire Elon Musk were “the center of gravity” at a starry party that, coincidentally, was co-hosted by Patrick Whitesell, Sanchez’s husband.

At the Globes this year, Bezos was “so popular that he was swarmed for selfies backstage.”

When Bezos first arrived on the LA awards scene a few years ago, one former studio head told us at a Golden Globes ceremony that the mogul seemed to love the spotlight — and attention from stars.

What a disaster Bezos has become. Hollywood has ruined the man. Bezos is Bozos.


Come on, I had a friend order something since I don’t have Prime (and am too cheap to get it, for now…) and voila it is already there waiting for me. Come on, one bloody day. Remember the days of waiting for WEEKS for your stupid little trinket to come. You would check your mailbox everyday, hoping it was there. No, week after week…

As far as I am concerned Bezos can have as much action as he wants!!! Bezos is God!!! Keep it up, err, Jeff (the service not your lil friend)!!!


Why is Bezos in love with Hollywood in his 50s? Highly suspicious. Maybe he doesn’t want to die young like jobs.

It feels that Bezos wants something other than managing Amazon. Who is actually running Amazon these days?


Thought you hate Trump? Why are you quoting him?

No need to over interpret. Just basic companionship.



It’s crazy how this is NOT being discussed in the office. I’ve only heard it discussed in vanpool and at a happy hour.

“Singapore math program” @hanera What is this?

“She finally found the space to write, she told Vogue, when she started renting a small apartment near the Bezos home in Washington.”

Seriously? They put together two neighboring properties in Medina. One house is 20,000 sq ft and the other is 8,000 sq ft.

“Among high-income couples, Yavorsky says, women are under even more pressure to sacrifice their own career ambitions in favor of their husband’s, which often contributes more to the greater household wealth overall.”

Maybe more women should embrace being the bread-winner then and marry a man that makes less than them.

Overall, family court is a complete sham. Their funding is determined by a percentage of awards, so they are always going to aware as much money as possible.


Out of touch with the education system, can only search the web :slight_smile:

Singapore math inc

Singapore math program

Singapore math


Imagine Mackenzie said “hell no” and refused to leave NY. There may not even be amazon.

Imagine Mackenzie kept pouring cold water on Jeff during amazon’s difficult first few days/months/years. Amazon may not be today’s size.

These women are important because they provide the backstage support necessary for their men’s success. I am really worried about amazon now, not kidding at all. The existing ops like e-commerce and AWS have their own CEO’s and are mostly in auto pilot. But the big bets amazon has yet to make like healthcare I am not sure Playboy Jeff has the mindset to tackle.


Jeff is switching his focus to vitality and immortality medications/ medical techniques/ devices. Jeff is not as godly as some bloggers think. He was lucky with AWS… sudden cloud computing craze makes him look like a genius. Look at the share price before cloud computing craze. MSFT is supposedly into this similar business but somehow the bald Steve screwed it up with his monkey jumps. MSFT with Satya in charge in coming after AWS fast. Holding 1 share for DimSum portfolio.

The craze is now at its fifth year. I’m a little uncomfortable so I closed SHOP calls (heed Jil opinion that profit-less fall the hardest in recession/ craze ending) in my 10x portfolio. My 10x is mostly in cloud computing, any winds of the era fading, my 10x would torpedo down.