OMG, Jeff "God" Bezos Is Available!



Oh, so the guy is lucky now…

Sure, wish I could be so lucky…


You’re not that competent. Sorry.


How is that Apple stock doing???


How is it related to current topic? You have reading comprehension difficulty?


Bozos himself said amazon was lucky because no competition showed up for the next 5 years after AWS launched.


Jeff, err, God was just being modest… great people are like that, you know. Only those who boast that only engineers know anything eventually pay the price. Like my Big Bro, a still practicing engineer who is still at the top of his game, says engineers that aren’t working anymore are either not very good or dead wood. Hmmm…def some truth to that, Big Bro, def some truth to that…


If you want to cheat on your wife, go ahead. No need to cheer other cheaters on.

Bozos has lost his game. :-1:


We shall see if Jeff choosing with his little head costs him or not. The fact that he is not sitting on his ass, err, laurels like Apple did at least gives him a fighting chance, no? What am I reading about Apple today on a glorious day off when I can have a nice, fresh and cheap Dungeness crab for dinner while watching my Dubs hopefully walk all over the Lakers? More phones. Possibly cheap phones. WTF. Go and invest the money, Cook!!! Move away from the freaking phones. Think!!! Think about something new and revolutionary!!!


Bozos’ dick already cost him his marriage. That’s worth much more than the billions which he can’t meaningfully spend anyway.

Apple is in a in-between period right now. New products take time. Don’t count it out just yet.


Obviously it ain’t going anywhere but not doing something proactive with that cash stash has hurt dear old Apple immensely. You know I love sports so here goes the sports analogy again… Apple was essentially playing the good old prevent defense. Bend, but don’t break. Well, as all football fans know, what the prevent defense does is prevent success more often than not. Come on, straight up tell me that you as an investor would have sat on a mountain of cash and done nothing too. You can’t and you won’t…


You are also sitting on 750k of cash too. Care to spend some on us?


Not exactly, I am sitting on a 750K equity line. My wife is the crazy one with probably 400k in cash by now. I am not really happy about it but again happy wife, is a happy life. Besides, we will spend it later in Malaysia or wherever. I call it my safety net…


Ain’t no safety in Malaysia.


Wow, manch is a womanizer and is fluent in Ebonics!!!


You are both equally crazy… :laughing:


Well, it is on the top 10 places to retire for a reason and plenty of expats are residing there. The MM2H program is so successive that the government is raising the requirements since too many people are signing up. Can’t be too bad. Sure, as I engage with others in an expat forum, I do note that some tend to move from there and may go to other countries, like Indonesia or Thailand. They have a right to and it is a matter of comfort zone. Keep in mind that we have family there. That is key, that most expats don’t have and frankly we have money. Money to live in the best parts of town and money to provide a Donald wall if we should need it or want it.


Malaysia is a Muslim country. Aren’t ther extremists like in the Philippines. Seems like Americans could be targets.


Well, there are extremists in Paris too and people want to live there…

Overall, I don’t think it is as bad as in the Philippines and while your posting is for KL the capital this is not the norm. Shoot, I am glad they caught them which means there is a police force at least willing to do the right thing.

I plan to build a Donald wall anyway around my place. Care to contribute towards it? I should do a GoFundMe posting…



Political hit job?