Open house traffic

This week, for the first time, i have seen houses in popular locations had almost empty open houses. The only crowded ones were in palo alto, but others were pretty dull.

Did anybody do oopenhouse tours this week and noticed similar thing?


A guy finally willing to overpay…
A guy finally want to flip…
Signs of a peak?

As i said, when i am buying, you all sell, and buy me a meal for god’s sake for saving you money, while i grieve.


Most definitely, unless you purchase your house in Palo Alto, any other location your house value will immediately sink by 90% by the end of this year and bankrupt your piggy bank for good! Too bad!!! :rofl:

Not pa, yeah :slight_smile: not 90% but enough to erase the equity.
Good thing, i will be waiting to buy again to dca

You buy again it will sink again. You are forever cursed!!! :rofl:

Maybe my cryptos will save me!

Crypto goes to zero by the end of the month. All your assets are doomed!!! :rofl:

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Tomato becomes a beggar, asks for crypto donations again. Never learns his lesson.

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Where do you see empty open houses? I’ve been to a few with really attractive pricing and traffic is good

Football games on Sunday. Conferencd finals

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not only open house, everywhere yesterday
I rush out to finish my dog walk/groceries early in the morning and rush back to watch nfl playoffs

Uh, open house traffic in San Bruno was decent despite the NFL games and weather.

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I can’t believe people would want to stay home and watch some lame sports as opposed to go house hunting… :rofl:


Buying season starts after Superbowl…wait and see in 3 weeks


The game was fun to watch…My lawyer and partner up here came over we watched the Patriots win and discussed a potential deal…Fun way to do business…and the wife showed a house…had fun and maybe made some money …good day

Um… that was unconventional… most people wouldn’t discuss business over watching sports… :wink:

Something to do during comercials

mine was on saturday, so no game. We didn’t see anywhere on sunday.

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