Parents sue 30-year-old son to move out of house


Or on the street sleeping in his car… He should take them up on getting that fixed.


I’m feeling quite entitled today… can the government hand over some money to me for just being alive? :rofl:


it’s giving you the right to stay in this country. nuf given, now pay your taxes.


Thanks for your “tip”. I have another tip for you: don’t overthink :smile:


At $15.00 per hour, and an assumed 15% is taken for taxes, your net is somewhere around $2,200 every month. (since $15 per hour is poverty wages, taxes are minimal)

This home in Syracuse is $110k. With 3% down, the PITI is $955. Throw in a roommate, and you’re doing pretty well for yourself.

It’s not lack of jobs. It’s not lack of housing. It’s not lack of funds - given his parents were willing to pay him to move, and all of these interviews are helping to grow a nice cash bundle. It’s lack of motivation or an entitlement mentality.


Didn’t realize houses are that cheap around there. Syracuse University is pretty decent I think? Does the town have a college town feel to it?


Syracuse University is about the only thing keeping the City still on the map. Just as Rochester had Kodak, and Utica had carpet mills, most of the upper NY rust belt has little large scale employment. Manufacturing has fled the State. The Universities, hospitals, and other types of employers help keep the doors open for retail and restaurants in the area. Syracuse as a college town is relatively spread out compared to a Stanford or Berkley Could you invest and get an income stream? Sure. Could you get any kind of appreciation? Not really.

Thanks for reading.


Actually this is a serious humanity issue.
Should any humans born entitle to live?
Parents involuntary take care of babies till they grow up.
Children take care of their elderly parents till they return to the source.
Remember both category didn’t contribute any cent nor share the household chores.

So what should the society do for young kids without parent or elderly without children?


Orphanage and nursing homes. Both entitled and paid for by government :slight_smile:


NY fugetaboutit.

Here is a great condo for half the price of SF in Redondo beach. From my favorite ex stripper turned realtor, America Micheal


I know the bar for obtaining a RE license is not very high off the ground, but stripper?


She’s making honest (to an extent, i guess, RE i find is a bit of a exaggeration game if not outright lying) money, what’s the problem?


No problem. She is high energy and up for anything. BA was too boring for her. LA fits her personality much better. Notice she will have a Llama at the open house


Does your wife know about your fondness for strip clubs? I wonder if she lets you go openly or if you have been going in secret…lol


Pun intended???

I imagine it’s harder to be a successful stripper than a successful RE agent. [After three pregnancies] I’m pretty sure people would pay me NOT to strip.


I certainly would, but not because of the reason you mentioned, but because i’d feel sad for a mom to have to strip.


Yeah :frowning:



That’s why I love self storage. I can make money even off of losers.

Rotondo says he’ll move everything into a self-storage unit, and then look for a place.


Actually my wife knows America Michael . Her stripper career was short. Seems to have the right mindset to be a realtor.