Price guesses - Mountain View Edition


Can you really put a price on fresh donuts next door though!? :rofl:


Yes. It’s worth no more than $1M, in my opinion.


Nah, it’s worth more. Maybe not more than 1M to you. It’s walking distance to Castro. I would guess a fair price is around 1.7-1.8M. Teardown rebuild cost of 750-800k for a new 2k sq ft house. Valuation around there is 2.3-2.5M easily. Example earlier from another thread.


That was just sarcasm.


zillow has more history:


So bottom line they will sell for almost $2M. :scream:


if they wait for another year or two, certainly it will sell. for now, i don’t know maybe a month? :slight_smile:

They are not lowering their bar, they wait for tides to rise. It hasn’t sold since: 09/27/17


Eventually all houses in the South Bay will sell for over $2M :smile:


This location is not bad actually. Walking distance to Ranch 99 too. Not to mention having a Jack in the Box around the corner might be a plus for some people. Jumbo Jack anyone?


ranch 99 was never a priority for me :stuck_out_tongue:


BAJ has the best numbers. There are issues with this specific lot and location. The neighborhood has skyrocketed in costs like most neighborhoods, but it still has good potential. It’s surban.


Not just Ranch 99, it’s also walkable to the MV Caltrain station (and Castro as @BAJacket mentioned). Location wise it’s actually quite decent, but seller is too greedy charging $2M for a donut without sprinkles.


I was kidding. Next to Ranch 99 is nobhill. I go there every saturdays to grab bagel and stuff.


All about the Double Jack!


Don’t lie, you’re really at Ranch 99 using those coupons. Nob Hill is just a cover for you :smile:


I don’t like Jack in the Box actually…KFC has a special place in my heart :poultry_leg:
Hey this house is 0.4 mi from KFC! This location is golden.


I have been there once, and if it’s what I remember, i decided not to go there again :slight_smile:


Skip KFC, go to chick-fil-a!


There’s KFC on the way to castro, yeah.


Been to that Ranch 99 a few times when I ate at Sweet Tomatoes. It’s not that bad…I don’t recall it having any fishy smell.