Puru Saxena

Puru turns bullish and bought TSLA :scream: However, he is too embarrassed to post his return… we know why… probably worse than the historical 7%-11% return of S&P.

I have CRWD DDOG NET SNOW TOST TSLA in my speculative high growth stock portfolio (2% of stock portfolio).

Portfolio changes: Removed $ZS #ZB_F #ES_F #NQ_F

Puru looking for more confirmation to the bull market.

His response…

In trading, is ok to be wrong. Is not ok to stay wrong. Flip-flop is ok.

Puru is merely making a CMA :slight_smile: comment. CMA = cover my ass. If continue to rally, claim he is bullish because didn’t slice below 200-day SMA. If slice below 200-day SMA (which is headed lower???), he is correct too. Head he wins, tail he didn’t lose.

Btw, re-testing 200-day SMA is normal, no need to be nervous and make CMA remarks about what may not happen.

Puru talks too much theory which is mostly nonsense. He just picks whatever fits his narrative. Chicken is bolder and just makes straight up or down call.

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Other than Puru, US investing champions are making CMA remarks too…

Too much froth in the market. People are getting cocky. See the Tesla bros harassing Chicken in the comments. Or the DeBolt guy saying now is the time to chase Tesla because it’s still 50% off ATH.

This pullback may be more painful than expected.

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Puru talks like a day trader.

Puru is edgy.

Closed: TOST S
Open: ONON

Just 8 days, already made changes to portfolio.
Closed: DLO
Open: S

Frequently changing counters and no more posting of returns.

Difference from 9 days ago…
Open: FOUR S

I have CRWD DDOG NET SNOW TSLA :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 11.15.36 AM

Is there a substance difference when the banks intend to hold the loan for a long time?
Correct me: Loans as a lender of last resort are meant to be short duration.