Puru Saxena

Miss following you on Reddit. Very informative and nice enough to give people insight but they would rather argue than listen and make their own decision.

This is the main reason I’ve lurked this forum. Tons of knowledge about topics I’ve recently been getting into… (stocks,real estate,world disasters, etc.) And with not knowing a damn thing about economics or real estate it’s nice to get some advice on books to read, articles, or the good old fashion life experiences from the veterans

I’ve always questioned why they don’t teach you how to succeed financially in high school? :man_shrugging:t2:
(One answer could be, " you have to pay for that." (degree))

THANK YOU all who contribute to this forum!


Didn’t invest during Dotcom bust because too young?

During Dotcom bust, many stocks decline by 90%, some by 99% and some no longer around.

This is a SAAS/ Cloud bust. Price behavior of AMZN, I view it as an index to cloud stocks because of AWS, tells the story.

Puru is scared! Go into cash, then.

Fed warns sharp rise in interest rates poses risk to US economy

Does above mean Fed is chickening too? Hinting at pausing rate hikes in the next Fed meeting?

Only if we know what are quality tech stocks. So far Cathie and Puru picks are not that great.

You should read the comments about Cathie in this thread. They are hilarious.