Push For Universal Basic Income?


Well, if your family needs to pay 90% tax rate to support UBI, $1000 loss per kids could very well affect your decision of how many kids you can afford. Not to mention the potential of the potential GDP drop if many people choose to travel the world than work.

UBI will require a dramatic tax increase. If they are not stupid, they can ask for $200 per person first, then gradually increase to $2000 per person. Your UNI tax rate can start at 10% and then increase to 70%.


Super LONG article on it:


Honestly, I wouldn’t give people more money for kids. I think the LAST thing we need is more people that can’t afford kids having kids. We’re just going to create more people dependent on handouts to survive. That will eventually collapse.


Yes and no—the people who consider cost in having kids are generally people with higher incomes. That said, UBI wouldn’t probably make a dent in that choice. Free college, maybe. But that’s a whole 'nother handout.


Actually that list was designed specifically for you, after I read the exchange between hanera and you :slight_smile:

Basically, my criteria were based off of your perception that mainland is always worse off than overseas, urban is better than rural, and the stereotype of Asians favoring marriage to white people.


Not sure why hangnail likes to mark me down as anti-China. Ironically, I LOVE chinese culture obviously (heritage, food, movies, etc). My wife may be Malaysian but she is Chinese, not Malay. She says one big reason why she likes me is my love for both American and Asian culture. We share the cultural belief of family and taking care of our elders as a priority. Something MISSING from some of your higher ranking folks in your list by the way.

My thing is always the proof is in the pudding. China, current state, is NOT all that because of many reasons (longer than your pathetic ranking list: :grinning:) already covered and well known. My good friend from Lowell High is a top tech analyst there in HK and he told me years ago that money was going to fly out of China and flow towards here and Canada. So, considering all that, why wouldn’t any sane person (chinese heritage or not) be thumbs down on China? There really isn’t anything grand about China…yet. Is China taking the lead and doing something about Fat Boy and his firecrackers? No, not yet. And let’s be honest, why does hangnail have such an affinity for China? He ain’t Chinese. Let’s pat China on the back AFTER it has done some things worthy of praise, ok??? That’s all I ask…


Wow, too much degrading here… dragonboy became dragonfly while hanera became hangnail…


Hey, respect is shown when reciprocated…


Haha…good one @wuqijun


How come this group rank so high?
Don’t get it.


Because Chinese millionnials love Japanese/Korean culture (jpop/kpop and the like).


That’s the only reason I can think of as well.
KPOP stars are real patriots to S Korea.
However, as a person who grew up watching HK movies, I never expected K-POP/K-drama to be this popular in Asia.


Here’s a stereotypical ranking of all Asians (best to worst):

  1. Japanese
  2. Korean
  3. HKers and Taiwanese
  4. Mainland Chinese city folks
  5. Mainland country bumpkins
  6. Vietnamese Chinese
  7. Vietnamese

And you can always buy your way up the rank with money. You can move up one level with an additional $1M in net worth :slight_smile:


Really, we are going to base it on K-pop crap popularity??? I’m out until @wuqijun does some explaining…and it better be good, @wuqijun!!!

(I’m obviously petitioning to be moved up in the rankings…)


Singapore is now closer to Obamacare then what we typically think of as Single Payer. Everyone is now required to buy health insurance


That list said very little about the economic well being of a society. How did India manage to score much higher than China??? If China managed to edge way pass India with much less economic freedom, then that means economic freedom has no direct correlation to prosperity.


@sfdragonboy, I’ve already told you the way to move up – it is to boost your net worth! You are currently at level 7, so all you need is $7M net worth to get to level one and be even with the hapas :slight_smile:


I can only buy so many Sunset homes, @wuqijun

Besides, where is your data coming from? From the vast mind that is @wuqijun???


OMG, we’ve (USofA) fallen that badly eh??? Hey, @hanera, based on this, would it be ok if I favor the USofA for now? I just want your permission. Thanks, female voters, thanks…


China is trying more and more to control HK politics. Let’s hope ‘One country, two systems’ survives long term.


Totally agreed and seen as reported. That’s why I am suspicious of @manch’s statement that HK has a fair amount of free speech. I thought some folks have disappeared into the night to be never found…or is that in China proper? Who knows. Anyone who insists that HK or China are the places to be are nuts. We rule…period. @hanera must have a Chinese mistress or something…