Push For Universal Basic Income?


So he lives at Chicks and Love Pizza Patio?? :joy:


Intel part is correct, location is not. He is operating a business in Mission




I am changing it up slightly and going with more your theory, @wuqijun

  1. Ocean
  2. Merced/Ingleside
  3. Silver Terrace
  4. Visitation Valley

Bingo, I think those are 4 sold picks for you gamblers. Winners, all day…:grinning:


Is it manch hon? Thought this is public?


Well, our Fearless Leader probably wants some privacy and not to have his name (if that is his real name) openly discussed…

You guys are unbelievable…

If we go dark, it was fun…really. We’ll hook up in Reddit, that will be our emergency contact spot…


See, @manch… look at what YOU created by being silent…:grinning: Just tell us quickly where you live and we are done…until tomorrow


Lol, have more info, not posting it here.


This is the scary power of mob prosecution. Fortunately we have the Constituion to protect each individual, even when he became unpopular as Trump.

Manch can assert his privacy by not being silent.


All I want to know is, am I close or is @wuqijun correct?

Damn, sorry Fearless Leader, @RealEstatebull dragged me back in… :smile:


Well, this has gone far enough. Doxxing is not something I want to see on this site.


Agree zipping it



Regarding my Apple RSUs and EOs, I sold 1/2 and kept 1/2.


What I meant is what happened to the un-vested RSUs and EOs? They are vested over 4 years for RSUs and 7 years for EOs, quitting would mean you lost those un-vested RSUs and EOs. Sound like you managed to negotiate for them to be vested immediately.

Congrats for selling near the highs, AAPL dropped a lot in 2013.


I vested them all before I left. I didn’t sell near all highs actually I sold at the bottom.


You can’t vest them yourself, is vested by Apple. So Apple vested them for you? Why would they do so? What reason you give?


I waited for most of them to get vested. I had very little left when I quit.



For a minute I swear I saw the lynching mob coming for somebody to hang.

Did I see hints of discrimination among Asians here? Man! Shame on you!

I am pro universal healthcare. That’s all. Anything else is not feasible, plausible, possible, reachable, doable. Human interaction destroys all elements of parity or justice.

Let’s talk about something I always find as a tool to make more than one of you mad because you can’t sustain, and face the truth. We all, and I mean all of us, poor, middle class and rich class depend on the government for X or Y reason.

Healthcare. If it wasn’t for Obamacare some of us would be in debt, or Trumpcare in the future, somehow your life will depend on whatever it happens to the program.

Taxes: 1031 exchange, depreciation, you name the incentive to own a second home, you depend on those programs to not pay as much taxes as an individual owning one home.

You don’t want to depend on the government, go to live on your own island.

I may be wrong, but where I came from, you wanted a second or 10 more homes? Go ahead, buy them, run with the expenses, no tax deductions, you are on your own. No Prop 13 at all.

Can we talk about corporate welfare while we discuss section 8?

The latest proof comes from none other than Washington, D.C. Six years ago, a hotel developer began talks with D.C. council members to receive a $46 million tax credit if the company created 300 construction jobs for local residents. Yet the hotel in question is now weeks away from completion, and to date the company has hired only 90 District employees–less than a third of what they agreed to before getting their taxpayer-funded windfall. At this rate, D.C taxpayers are spending half a million dollars per construction job–all for the benefit of a private company.



I never said we were better than anyone else in that regard. Hey, our sheet stinks like everybody else’s sheet…



I just wanted to add this:
Every country has its nationals berating the others on the South, the North, and so on.

Back my older home, being from the North, specially a city called Zacapa, was to be a man, a macho man since most of people in the army or thugs working as hitmen were from that city.

So, it was very surprising to me knowing you guys have your own thing. That’s all.