Push For Universal Basic Income?


It shouldn’t be a surprise to you or any red-blooded American. We are the same (mostly) and yes perhaps the first off the boat are a tad crude or not up on the ways of the land yet, but over time we assimilate and become just like you all. People just need to recognize that for what it is and let it go. Don’t think that oh they ALL are like that. No…


Well, I said it metaphorically. I know we all immigrants have a thing or two against others and our own people, but I never expected to read it here, not with the amicable meaning you guys put into the argument.


Come on, we sit in front of monitors (in my case, a few) and we type away and sometimes more often than not translations get garbled or someone simply didn’t read between the lines and we get blow-ups. We all have more commonalities than one may think…


LA Times Op/Ed piece…



Has anyone said UBI should be a livable wage? The highest number I’ve seen floated is $1,000/mo which is far below a livable wage.

The author says Uber removed the value of the taxi cab market. Did they? I thought Uber drivers makes more than the average taxi driver. What they removed is the value of taxi fees and permits that cities charge.

If anything, Google and Facebook give small entrepreneurs access to potential customers they never had. It makes it far easier for a small business to acquire customers and grow. It used to be you had to be lucky and get your product into a big retailer to make it. Then you were subject to that retailers terms and conditions. Now you can stay independent. FBA has done similar. Small businesses can easily have a national network of warehouses and less expensive delivery costs.

I’d argue we’re past what should be the peak population for humans on earth. Population growth went parabolic around 1900. Everyone should have a 1-child policy.


Many people in the developed world are having 0 children even without any policy enforcement.


The problem is people in the places least able to support more humans are having the most children. There are places that can’t even grow enough food for their current population, and they keep having more kids. That’s crazy.


If someone wants to over-procreate by (gasp) having 2 kids…you can have my space in line…


That’s the nature of the beast. The rich gets forever richer and the poor gets poorer.


The problem is the number of poor keeps growing and growing, since they are having the most kids. At some point, you hit the tipping point of revolution. They’ll redistribute wealth through force with their numbers.


So you are saying India and Africa are going to colonize the rest of the world with their numbers? Ok, I better start my lessons on Hindi and Swahili right now…


If there isn’t massive famine because the land can’t support the population size.


Famine will happen if climate takes a turn for the worse (e.g. Drought), then a portion of the population die off so the ecosystem balances itself out again. Until the next round of overpopulation, famine, and rebalancing… it is a never ending vicious cycle.


That’s how many rebellions in China started, historians blame the corrupted government officials, ignoring the uncontrollable baby making by the peasants.


Baby making was the only free entertainment…Now the Internet is the ultimate contraceptive. …More ubiquitous than TV…Nobody gets bored anymore, everyone is fixated on their smart phones…means less crime and less sex…fewer babies…lol


Tell me about it, in bed, not sure if my wife is enjoying me or what is on her phone… :smile:


Good! Share with us more of those bedtime stories…


Oh great! let’s blame those poor peasants for everything :slight_smile:


I still don’t buy it.

" By which I mean, they understand the basic math undermining their long-term business plans: If they automate all the jobs, who will be left to buy their services? "

Then don’t automate the jobs.

Furthermore, anyone noticed that low-level (robot like) jobs are having trouble being filled here? THere’s a lot of help-wanted signs at restaurants and stores.



And I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… If we’re really running out of space to grow food, then we have two options in the US:

  1. All grass cuttings collected for feeding to cows.
  2. Convert your yard into a garden.

I can’t stand the “We don’t have enough space to grow food” argument when every freaking house has a > 1000 sq ft of decorative lawn that people don’t use.

But YES, water is the real issue, not land.