Push For Universal Basic Income?


Actually yes. Pakistan too.


Ok I’ll add Urdu to that list.


US throws away as much as half its food produce

The United States is the largest exporter of food products worldwide, sending massive amounts of plant and animal products around the world.

Why are people saying there is not enough space in USA to grow food? There is more than enough food to feed Americans many times over. Do they mean for exporting and feeding the pets.


The US has an abundance of food. Many humans live where the land doesn’t support growing enough food to feed the people. They also love where there’s not enough clean water. Those people are reproducing at a fast rate. That’s not sustainable.


Commentary piece…


I would honestly support it if it eliminated all other social welfare programs, was cost neutral, and indexed to inflation to control future costs… That would never happen though. There’s no way the administrators of the 30+ existing programs would give up the power they’ve fought for over the years. It’s similar to getting rid of tax deductions and having a lower flat tax rate. It’s probably good for the country. It’d save a ton of money in compliance costs. However, special interest groups will never give up their power and let it happen.


Social programs need to be tied to work, something like the Earned Income Tax Credit. We can’t just pay people to sit on their butt playing video games all day.


We do. It’s called Section 8.


Most programs don’t require work if you have children. Everyone is so paranoid of kids suffering that they’ll never cutoff someone with kids. They have done work requirements for people without kids. States that do it usually see at least a 50% drop in people without kids applying for benefits.


We can’t???


Electronic Arts


There are gamers that make over $100k/yr. That many people watching live streaming of them playing games. The income is from revenue sharing of the ads on the stream.


I don’t envy that position… very harmful to your health (especially eyesight)…


Income is up!!! Buy, buy, buy!!!


You mean when the economy grows, unemployment declines, and poverty declines? I’m so shocked. I don’t get why anyone would advocate for tax and redistribution. We know high taxes kill economic growth. We should minimize tax to maximize growth, since maximizing growth will reduce poverty.


The experiment begins. I can’t wait to see how magically productive these people become.


OMG… I sign up!!! How do I get selected? Pick me! Pick me!


I think that summarizes why socialism is popular and why UBI and other socialist ideas always fail.


I think Section 8 finally met its competitor… or should I say complement… :rofl:


Kinda, sorta related…


Whatever happened to Clinton’s workfare?

$300m spent on SF 7500 homeless…$40k per person…situation is getting worse…Granted most of the money goes to social welfare workers salary who have a vested interest in not solving the problem