Push For Universal Basic Income?


““The claim is often made that if you give people a basic income, they’ll become lazy and stop doing work,” Standing said. “It’s an insult to the human condition. Basic incomes tend to increase people’s work rather than reduce it.”

That’s because research has shown that a basic income can improve people’s mental and physical health, Standing said, as well as encourage them to pursue employment for reasons more meaningful than just a need to put food on the table.”

Where are these studies? Where is the data?


Don’t forget to give to the undocumented, homeless, SAHMs and SAHDs.




I only support it if it eliminates all other assistance programs. Just think how much would be saved in administrative costs. There are at least 38 different assistance programs. If we found up that budget and switch to UBI, then that’s an interesting idea. If we do UBI and keep all the program, that’s financial Armageddon.


Newport said he found it interesting that the public doesn’t necessarily wants the government to pay for universal basic income. Instead, 80 percent of supporters say that the companies that benefit from artificial intelligence should pay the higher taxes to fund a basic income.

Oh no… :frowning:


They can confiscate NVDA and use NVDA profit for universal income. Sweet :rofl:

Or redirect Fannie and Frannie profit to universal income for their supportors only. If you vote for me, you get universal income. If you vote from my competitor, you need to pay a universal income tax.

We can also change the unemployment benefit to 100% salary and let employer to pay a lifetime 100% salary after termination its employees. If not cooperating, confiscate the employer asset and use its profit to pay universal income after paying the universal income administration’s salary


Come on, Millennials!!!


Who doesn’t favor something for free?


Come on, would it kill ya to break a sweat…in your 20s???


You people keep pushing for true democracy where everyone votes. This is what you get. The majority can decide to not work and just use the government to take money from the rich. The founders knew of the risk. That’s why originally only tax payers could vote.


Since democrats have a super majority in CA, it seems UBI is coming. No clue where they’ll get the money for it.


Not likely from state income tax as Trump has outwitted the Democrats. More likely from doing away with prop 13.


The money should come from liberals. I call it a liberal guilt tax. The richer the liberal the higher the guilt tax. Extra tax if a Hollywood liberal.



The initial plan was for the experiment to be expanded in early 2018 to include workers as well as non-workers early in 2018, but that did not happen – to the disappointment of researchers at Kela. Without workers in the project, researchers are unable to study whether basic income would allow people to make new career moves, or enter training or education.

Well, garbage in garbage out right?


I want to know how many of the 2,000 went out and got a job. UBI advocates always say it won’t discourage people from working. Social welfare should be limited to short-term and the disabled. Anything beyond that is just enabling people to do nothing instead of helping them. Once they do nothing for long enough, then they’ll lose the ambition to work.


No need to study anything. Just look at Section 8 stats.


Personal experience? I know is true because I’m too lazy to look for work now, actually too lazy to do any work :slight_smile:
But shouldn’t humans enjoy such lifestyle? Who is the joker to say humans should work? Adam is the one who ate the Apple, so only he needs to work. Btw, how come Adam & Eve are created to be able to eat the forbidden Apple? If it is created with the temptation, shouldn’t the logical conclusion is they would eventually eat the forbidden Apple? If you don’t want them to ever eat the forbidden Apple, they shouldn’t be created that way. Just my lazy philosophizing… aka talk cock aloud.


I’m also too lazy to do any work. I think I’ve accumulated enough wealth. I should just be a couch potato from here on.


Why are you copying me?