Putin has opened the gates of hell

The Europeans are running scared. The pound is at the lowest value in history … close to parity. The euro is now $.96… lowest in 20 years

So slowly, in my opinion, he is going too far… especially with this sabbotage act… This could really lead to a worldwide conflict soon… I hope the man gets himself soon…

They are claiming terrorist attack. There is very little logical reason for Putin to blow his own pipeline.

If we were behind it he can always cut a couple of transatlantic cables. That could get ugly.

The reason is to not pay penalties for not supplying gas to Europe according to a contract.

LOL you are a character…

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The contract is already void after the sanctions and eviction from SWIFT system.

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23 days ago…

Oct 3, 2022

He has to be super desperate. He’s losing media control in his own country. People are fleeing to avoid the “draft” or whatever term he’s using for it. Now they are losing ground on a daily basis. The writing is on the wall.

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This is not what we want to push him into.


I think it’s the only place this is going unless Ukraine gives up land. We learned with Hitler that if you concede land it doesn’t end things. They just want more land later. Ideally, we stir up so much social unrest in Russia that he’s forced out.


Using nukes has very high cost. That’s why Putin has been talking for ages but not actually going through with his threats. He has to worry about reactions of his own people and that of Xi. China is already distancing themselves from Putin. If Putin used nukes or biochemical weapons Xi will walk away. Reputational harm is too high.

The West has been restraining itself in the fight. We told the Ukrainians they can’t use the the stuff we gave them to strike inside Russia. We don’t even give them our best stuff. 20 old artillery systems from the early 90s and the Russians are already on the run. All because we don’t want to escalate into nuclear war. If Putin used nukes anyway all gloves come off. We will finish his toy army in a month. So realistically Putin has only one nuclear shot. After that he and his cronies will be finished. That’s a very roundabout way to commit suicide.


If it goes nuclear West will be the biggest loser alongside Russia and of course Ukraine.
There are two outcomes after Putin nukes Ukraine.

  1. West will bark a lot but won’t bite. This is the most likely outcome and it’ll basically mean the end of Western dominance and trust and power projection. Putin will embolden even more and China will probably bully Taiwan into submission. Winner: China.
  2. West goes nuclear against Russia. Well in this case there are no winners. Well perhaps China will instantly become the sole superpower. Russia has enough firepower to destroy all major cities in US and Europe 10 times over and ways to deliver them too. West will go back to Stone Age instantly. Russia and Ukraine will of course be obliterated. Winner: China

So don’t wish for a nuclear war. Wish that Ukraine peacefully accepts the hard realities.

The Winter War and Continuation War with Finland, about '38 to '42, was ended when Finland agreed to give up about 15% of the country. Russia never went back.

If we had finished off the Soviets back then we’d have saved the world a lot of suffering. The lesson is never settle with evil. Kill it off when we have a chance. And we now have a golden chance.

Wow. Be careful in what you wish for. You are talking about a nation with 6000 nukes. Unless you are prepared to go back to stone age, we have to live with this evil now. The only way to kill them is to de-neucelarize and de-sanctionize the entire world. Include Russia into NATO. Russia at one point wanted this even.

The whole nuclear strategy is based on the fear of mutual destruction .
Putin is playing chicken with the west. He is trying to convince us that he is crazy enough to not care about mutual destruction. His whole Ukrainian campaign is a stupid mistake… but not crazy. He is not crazy just a bully. The best solution is deescalation. Hopefully both sides can find something acceptable. I don’t think the US alone can broker that deal. Maybe British and German influence could help.

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If Putin kept silence, Russia : Ukraine (Both were friends pre-USSR) will survive like the way India : Pakistan (Both countries lived together during British rulers) is surviving with Nuclear war head.

When west is annexing countries through NATO (Military & War alliance - silent backdoor entry), Putin won’t be silent as Ukraine was one of the best Nuclear war head established countries !

Now, Putin wants to teach a lesson to west to stop aggression with NATO and West wants to teach a lesson to Putin as a retaliation.

Now, It is never ending cold war again for many years.

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Comparing NATO to the USSR is propaganda from Russia
The actual situation is radically different.
NATO is not a threat to Russia. Putin is using this lie to brainwash his people.

Ukraine has been Russia’s whipping boy for centuries… like Ireland to
to the Brits. Russia has tried to demonize the Ukrainian government only to brainwash the Russian people. Now with the draft the Russian people will rise up a hopefully overthrow his rule. Russians and Ukrainians are brothers. Many Russians have Ukrainian relatives and actually know the truth about the war.