Holiday Summit 2017


Don’t worry… we’ve already warned people about the need to take diligent notes throughout the meal here… :grin:


Because you have more disposable income than a Beemer owner :smile:


I meant going for a cheap drink instead of having an actual meal…


Wow, impressive…so no wine even??? How is one of my eligible bachelors supposed to “wine” and dine you then? Boba and dine you???


Hehehe… why don’t you bring a couple suitors to the “summit” and do some speed dating right then and there.


They may be right there at the next table, taking it all in…:slight_smile:


My coworkers used to give me a lot of crap for not drinking, but I just don’t care. I don’t like the acidic taste. It’s just flat out disgusting to me :face_vomiting:


Good for you! Gosh, do you prefer doctors or engineering types???


Only folks with properties worth 2M or above, obviously.


Uh, that could be your local plumber or chinese grocery store owner (a lot of unreported cash…)


Ok. New venue–your house sfdragonboy–after your wife returns. She can cook, we’ll all chip in for food costs.


@manch, we really need that “dislike” button…pronto :grinning:


You’ll need to find an eligible bachelor who is a tea snob.

I don’t drink either. I think it took a good 5 years after I was married for my mother-in-law to stop thinking that my refusal was because I was pregnant. I finally realized about 2 years into marriage that this was her indicator that women were pregnant–made me wonder what the heck she thought was going on BEFORE we got married.


She’s not materialistic like you. She goes for looks not money… :rofl:


Someone please invite Chris to the summit :star_struck:


People just assume everyone likes to drink and if you don’t they think you are either a wimp, pregnant, Mormon, or all of the above. Well the truth is, some people (like me) just find the taste awful, simple as that.


Who is Chris? If he is on here, he is more than welcome to invite himself. Everyone is.

You still haven’t answered my question, @BAGB. Where would you ideally like the Summit to be???


Earth to dragon…he’s talking about Star-Lord…


OMG, have you forgotten our good friend and Harriet’s crush Chris Hemsworh?


Who the heck is Chris Hemsworth?

Okay I just looked him up…doesn’t ring a bell…