Holiday Summit 2017


My bad… was Mr. Pratt not Mr. Hemsworh… they all look the same :rofl:


Oh, my bad…(good one, @BAGB). See, the stress from planning this shindig has gotten me all frazzled!!! People, I have enough stress as it is!!!


What do you consider alcohol when you use that term? Alcohol technically isn’t acidic…


If you put it that way then even soft drinks are considered acidic when you measure via pH levels. When I said the taste was acidic it just meant the drink was too strong and bitter for me.


Peach schnapps … 20 million college freshmen can’t be wrong


Mid-peninsula would be the ideal place that’s not not far to anyone. You can check out BJ’s in San Bruno. There are plenty of parking space in the mall. But a private room would be ideal if you can find one


For tea drinkers, the Long Island Iced tea was another favorite :tropical_drink:


I just had a conversation with my stepdaughter about the same thing. She said nobody likes the taste of alcohol, they only like the way it makes them feel.

ps - Why hasn’t anybody volunteered to pick me up yet?


But it makes me feel horrible. Or perhaps it’s because I don’t need to drown my sorrows.


depends on how you voted…:slight_smile:


You can always drink Port. They are sweet and tasty.


Yea, just depends on body chemistry. I have a few friends that are allergic, and just drinking 1 drink makes them feel all itchy, red and tired. I wouldn’t drink either if I had that type of reaction. Nothing like a nice glass of cab with a dry aged steak though. Mmmmmmm…


Focus people…


Dragon boy just needs to make an executive decision on location and channel his inner Twitler.


costco pizza /hotdog in a park. there you go


Certainly cost effective…




But how are you going to collect payments from everyone to get stuff from Costco?


My lord, if I can’t upfront pay or just pay for a few dogs/pizza/drinks from Costco for you folks, I shouldn’t be on here…:slight_smile:

And NO, we are not doing Costco!!!


but…but…it’s $1.50 for a hot dog and soda!