Holiday Summit 2017


Pot luck. Everyone bring their best dish.


You don’t want to taste my cooking…trust me :yum:


Good idea. Next time I’ll say I’m allergic so nobody can pressure me to drink any more :ghost:


That’s not a summit, that’s a picnic.


I still think boba + dim sum is the best…just saying :slight_smile:


I’ll pick you up sheriff, but I don’t guarantee where I take you


I just tell people I have a low tolerance and I don’t like the smell of alcohol.

After years of not drinking, it’s probably a given that my tolerance will be pretty low.


It amazes people people have to come up with an excuse for not drinking alcohol.


I completely agree. I mean it’s not like anyone goes around wondering why I don’t smoke. I’ve always felt that those who drink and need an explanation as to why I don’t are insecure in their own choice.


Nobody likes to drink alone…


Ok…sure, but… If I’m the only one not drinking in a group of 6+ family members, who the heck cares??? Why is this such a big deal in a home-cooked dinner setting? It’s not like I went to a bar and ordered water. It’s like my MIL doesn’t have enough to dislike me over, she has to make a comment to my husband about it…

Although, honestly now, it’s just as well I don’t drink. Last thing the family needs is for me to have low enough inhibitions to tell people what’s been festering on my mind about them and how they’ve interfered in my life.


I am still waiting for someone to offer to pick me up. I will even throw in a free ticket to Sea World.


How about an annual pass to Disneyland or Universal Studios instead…


Let’s make sure this thread doesn’t fizzle out @sfdragonboy. Need you to stoke the fire.


I have been so busy lately that this is the last thing on my mind. I may bail on you gals and guys. Maybe it is best I stay incognito (I know, too late with you so keep my info secret please…) since there are so many crazies running around. Why is a freaking retired accountant killing someone beautiful like this? I mention this because my wife honestly does kinda look like her (RIP lovely lady).



What??? Don’t bail! I can offer to co-host if that makes it easier for you.


Why not host in wuqijun’s staged flip?


Who likes BJ’s? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I drink only in two occasions:

When I am alone, and when I am accompanied. :rofl:


There are places that allow certain section of their location to be isolated for a large group. You just have to compromise to buy something from their menu.

The problem is that we, I mean, you guys are concentrating on what to eat rather than the fact that finally you guys are going to see how ugly is each other :rofl: I mean, rich…:smiley::joy:

Also, you have to find out if the venue closes late. Gatherings like this one shouldn’t be of an hour or two, but max 4 hours. 5 hours of listening to that guy telling you how good and rich is at doing real estate investments could be motives for an assassination attempt. :rofl::joy::joy: