Republicans using terrorist tactics


Do you think all the people on both sides are bad? You have Antifa and you have white supremacist, are they all bad people who should be jailed? Some of the protestors maybe left or right, but don’t belong to Antifa or white nationalists.

From what is reported in media, Antifa is much more than the right fringe. Antifa has more population, more media support and Antifa seems to win the street fight overwhelmingly.

Violence from any side is bad. Even if you think left is good, extreme leftists can still kill a moderate leftist


You are taking it out of context. In Charlottesville it was clear one side was wrong (neo nazis and white supremacists) and the other side was right - protesting against the extremism. so it was clear who was wrong and right. the statement you made is a classic example of false equivalence as it tars both sides and doesn’t let us have a proper conversation to call out extremist behavior.


There is a lot to this. When people feel that they are able to express themselves peacefully, it lowers the frustration. Violence happens when people are pushed too far without an outlet. Same thing goes for riots after police shoot a black man. The level of frustration and feeling that black people are being ignored pushes some of them to act out in a way they believe will get attention. That’s one reason I think it’s crazy to pick on football player for taking the knee during the anthem. it’s so innocuous, but if they’re not allowed to do it, there’s going to be people who feel muted and will take frustration to a dangerous level.


Wow, your bias is pretty insane.


Is that a threat?


Could you remind me again where it was that someone drove a car into a crowd of protestors and killed someone?


You’re literally extrapolating the actions of 1 person to an entire group. Meanwhile, people completely ignore anything violent that’s done by Antifa, BLM, or people attacking Trump supporters. That’s all justified, since those attackers are on the left.


Hmm … did you even read/see what is he saying? dude is referring to liberal , antifa. I don’t see him telling people to go violent and kill the left, where did you see it?

“This November 6 election is very much a referendum on not only me, it’s a referendum on your religion, it’s a referendum on free speech and the first amendment. It’s a referendum on so much,” Mr Trump said in a speech leaked to US media.

“It’s not a question of like or dislike, it’s a question that they will overturn everything that we’ve done and they will do it quickly and violently. And violently. There is violence. When you look at Antifa, these are violent people.”

Antifa, or anti-fascists, regularly stage counter protests against white supremacists and neo-nazis when they march through American towns and cities


Right, we will have Antifa gunning down people in San Francisco if GOP lost the midterms.


not gunning down, but beating up. I posted a full video of a black dude going to the berkeley protest couple hours long a while back, and you could see those crazy left antifa beating up people and stuff.


Trump saying crazy thing like that is just going to incite more violence from the right ring nuts. Crazy people like that synagogue shooter may think the antifa are out to get them.

Unstable people feed on conspiracy theories.


Your description does not match CNN reporting. Did you get this from some fringe news site?

It was reported that he is an avid anti-semitite. He did not vote for Trump and he thinks that Trump is controlled by Jews.


You clearly are unaware of what Antifa has done in some cities.

In SJ, when Trump had a rally who attacked who after it?


Violence is wrong, doesn’t matter which side they are from.

Having said that there’s a difference of degrees. Did anyone from Antifa and BLM kill anyone? Antifa and BLM are also different movements. BLM protests are mostly peaceful.

Maybe I didn’t pay enough attention, I’ve never seen a mainstream Dem politician endorsing Antifa. Trump himself said there are many fine people among the Charlottesville Nazis and draws support from the same white supremists.


Did you even read or see what he say? instead of cnn reporter telling you?
where did he tell ppl go violent?


He did not. He’s just telling people other people are out to get them. Like how the caravan people are going to storm the border.


There were multiple attacks on the counterprotesters by the neo nazis. They came ready to create violence with quite a few packing shields, weapons and even guns. Not just the car assault which most people heard of. No one here is condoning violence by any party but you cannot equate what happened at Charlottesville as both sides. If you do, I am very disappointed in you as I thought you were much better


Are you trying to claim none of the counter protestors had shields, weapons, or attacked anyone? If that’s your stance, then discussion is pointless.


Violence is bad and should be punished no matter who committed.

But from the media reports, Antifa seems to have committed more violence than white nationalists. Also seems that Antifa violence is tolerated better by the people and the media. Recently a few white nationalists were arrested for inciting violence in Charlottesville, but no report on arrests of antifa.

We should punish Stalin and Hitler with the same intensity.


Antifa attacked journalists