San Bruno Rocking The Overbids!



I heard Peter Thiel is funding some anti-aging startups. One even involves sucking young peopleā€™s blood? :vampire: :vampire: :vampire:


Really??? Iā€™m going to throw upā€¦ :rofl:


Already proven that replacing old manā€™s blood like me with wuqijunā€™s blood, I would become youthful. Is a controversial ethical issue here. I guess he is funding to see how much blood is enough :slight_smile: to achieve the youth effect :slight_smile:


Heheheā€¦ Iā€™m not that young anymore. Might not do you any good. Maybe you should consider sucking your sonā€™s blood insteadā€¦


Iā€™m still looking for the coveted 888 sq ft.


Downslope off the street is betterā€¦you donā€™t have to walk up stairs to your houseā€¦You always carry more into a house than out. .Like foodā€¦gets flushed outā€¦Easier to buildā€¦all material goes down hill.
Very little cut to be hauled off.

Better viewā€¦Donā€™t look right at the street, power linesā€¦

Uphill houses often have a retaining wallā€¦the back looks like a prison yard.

If there is a slide from above the street will catch the debrisā€¦


1986 was when I started designing house foundations. .Before 1982 Engineers were rarely hired for house designsā€¦The 1982 floods cause a lot of landslides and cities started requiring an Engineers stamp of approval on all single family housesā€¦Created a business for me after the slow down in office constructionā€¦Was easy money in the beginning because building departments were not perparedā€¦Some simple calculations maybe 5 pagesā€¦By the time I retired 15 years later a typical house required 200 pages of calculations. .back and forth sessions with plan checkers and a lot of over design and huge added costs for the construction. ā€¦A 1986 house is plenty solidā€¦2001 and later houses will take a direct hit from one of Lil Kims missilesā€¦lol

I have a background in commercial construction design and techniquesā€¦Housing was considered a lighter less heavy duty productā€¦But the code was written for commercial buildingsā€¦So in 1986 we designed houses to commercial standardsā€¦Much beefier than older pre 80s housesā€¦The code kept getter more restictiveā€¦Over design became the standard so that today a modern home is 5 times stronger in a quake than a 1930s Sunset tract houseā€¦Much better foundations and framing, tooā€¦


That mountain view from your backyard is superb.




Thank you @Elt1 for taking the time to explain.

So if we are buying homes, we should divide the vintage into pre-1986, 1986 to 2001, and post-2001 houses, with each successively stronger and earthquake-proof due to stricter building codes.


All my properties are pre-1986ā€¦ :scream:


So we should really buy newer houses. The premium on age is not very significant


Of courseā€¦No bargains in newer homesā€¦They should be fineā€¦But 30+ year old homes need new everything. .Houses are designed to last 30 yearsā€¦After 30 years you may need new kitchens, baths, flooring, windows, siding, roof, hvacā€¦Plumbing and electrical may last 60 yearsā€¦but usally lots of repairs will be neededā€¦Appliances last maybe 15 yearsā€¦Paint 5-10ā€¦foundations may need attention. .Drainage has to be constantly maintained and monitoredā€¦Landscaping requires weekly maintenance


People worry about fog should go out tour houses today. The marine layer is strong today.


No fog hereā€¦80 everyday all summerā€¦couple of thunder showersā€¦Best summer weather I have had in my lifetime


Thereā€™s fog today @ san bruno today . but was cloudy all the way to santa clara.


Yes, thank you for that SLT public announcement messageā€¦


Retire sooner live longerā€¦Take your ill gotten SF profits and live in paradise for next to nothingā€¦You can play the real estate game anywhereā€¦Thats the great thing about itā€¦In fact it is much easier in Tahoe where you can buy 5 caps for $300kā€¦Live the dream in Tahoe and make more return than in the BAā€¦

I retired at 48ā€¦I wish I moved up here thenā€¦Instead I spent another 12 years in the rat raceā€¦12 years wastedā€¦


What does retirement mean? Not having a 9-5 job does not mean retirement. Since you manage your rentals and make RE investments, you never retired. But you have the flexibility and do only whatā€™s intersting at a time you feel like to.

How about retire in Santa Cruz or Monterery or Marin county or Dublin or Tracy?


Ok @adc,

A nice, level street San Bruno home in Crestmoor is going to run us north of 1.3Mā€¦OMG!!!