San Bruno Rocking The Overbids!



Retire anywhere you want. To me retirement is no more engineering clients…The great thing about being a real estate investor is that you can live anywhere…And basically anywhere but expensive coastal cities means your standard of living can go way up…
BA retired people are moving to the Sacramento MSA to cut living expenses…Housing is only one third the cost of the BA and everything else is cheaper too. …Services, labor costs, food…everything is less expensive. .Lots of choices…Elk Grove, Eldorado Hills, Granite Bay, Tahoe, Placerville, Pollock Pines.
Or even downtown Sacramento for people that want urban living with a 100% walk score…

I could hire a management company for 6% to manage my Tahoe properties. .But right now it gives me something to do…It is actually fun fixing things…The tenant part is a pain…But tenant quality has gone up dramatically in the 4 years I have been here…


One more listed just now from the Greenbanker

Any guesses on where the final price will land? High 900s?


Not bad…despite unwarranted, I suspect this will easily go over 1.1M…


Typical unslope…Yard looks like a prison exercise yard…have to walk upstairs with your groceries. …No big deal for you urbanites…not appealing to me


Stanley lo mr 3.88 commission lol


Great ranking. Do you put westborough over buri buri ?


Hi @Esfgiants I would put Westborough over Buri Buri in SSF. The overall vibe of Westborough appeals to me more - slightly bigger and (in my untrained eyes) better constructed homes, better roads, and like the convenience of nearby Westborough square with Philz coffee, Asian supermarket, Walgreens, Safeway, etc. all nearby. But this is purely just my personal preference.

Your thoughts?


Can you comment on which one is better in terms of overhead plane noise? I have heard Buri Buri gets its share of plane noise. I don’t know how Westborough is, in that regard.


Agree with everything you said, except it has fog and buri buri doesn’t. So I can’t decide myself. The new plaza really helped upscaled the area alot


Yes that too about buri buri is true


It’s pretty gloomy around Daly City BART. How’s San Bruno doing?


cloudy, even on the way home from san mateo. Santa clara is only around 78 degree when i got into the car today



This one is “coming soon”. Technically Pacifica but not too far from San Bruno.


My agent is discouraging me from Pacifica, so can’t go there…


AVOID pacifica, alert, AVOID PACIFICA


Spoken like the guru he is…


Why so much hate for Pacifica? It’s just like San Bruno, no?


San Bruno’s weather is better and it is soooo prime now with the big boys coming in. Should have bought there awhile ago… I am about to be priced out!!!


the city of pacifica and the people. And rent control