San Bruno Rocking The Overbids!



Yes, and boards don’t hit back…I get it, I get it

It shouldn’t be so hard to buy a SFH in San Bruno for a 1M… Come on!!!


@adc, Bennington is officially on the market.


Is that a retaining wall made out of wood??? What the heck is that thing in the backyard?


I thought it was fencing, but could be wrong. I didn’t care too much for the non permitted downstairs and the fairly shallow yard and trees. The upstairs’ open floor plan was pretty nice and great for entertaining. House is on a fairly steep hill which I also didn’t really like.


Avoid steep hills at all cost. You don’t want to be buried… I won’t buy anything with a retaining wall. And that thing doesn’t look legit to me at all.


Lake Tahoe elevation 6229’…but we hike up to 11,000’…Living at elevation gives us super oxygenated
blood…In fact we have 9 pints of blood vs 8 pints at sea level…Plus when I go to sea level I feel super strong for a few days…Athletes know this and train at high altitude.


Avoid all steep hills except Lombard st… :star_struck:


No agreed, which is why I wasn’t really liking it for that aspect. Inventory is so low that beggars can’t be choosers. I don’t know how 1031 exchangers can sleep at night with the clock ticking…


@sfdragonboy and @manch: Many Chinese (ethnic or fresh immigrants from the greater China region) I know don’t like hills, and hence their affinity for flat lots and wide streets of Foster City and Redwood Shores?


I love the views potential but honestly I am too practical. I worry about landslides and such that I would never buy say in Brisbane or Oakland hills where the houses are practically on the side of the cliff. Every time it rains hard, I would be worried. Can’t live like that…


Steep hills are fine…I have been engineering houses on hills for 40 years…I just prefer down slope houses to up slope…In the BA the hills have better soil, even bedrock…Wouldn’t you rather have ahouse on bedrock than sand or mud in the flats in the next quake?


In all the hillside homes I have designed and built I used 16" piers drilled 15’ deep…At least 10’ into bedrock…Buy a house built since 1986 and you will have a much more solid house than one built in The Sunset district on dune sand in the 1930s…


Well, I am not too worried about surviving any major earthquake out in the Sunset in my 2 story home. Come on, the Marina and our infamous Millennium Tower folks can join the worry party…

Again, the practical side of me says no hills. No hills, nothing to ever worry about. I like simplicity…


@Elt1 could you educate us on down vs. up slope? What’s the reference used for determining if a lot is “up” or “down”? Why is downslope better?

And… was there a building code change in 1986? Why are homes built after 1986 stronger?

Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge and your time!


San Bruno was flaming hot years back. Ask PG&E.


Hey, that is not nice…

Live up to your name!!!


Have you guys ever heard of the phrase “run for the hills”? Hills can be a safer place than land near the water sometimes (rising sea level, tsunami).


I’d avoid Foster City: global warming.


That is why Central Sunset is prime and ready for the future. Outer Sunset will be under water, so Central Sunset becomes Malibu, CA. Unfortunately, I will be dust by then…


Ok, I guess someone saw us chatting about their lovely place…

Wow, a whopping 800 sq ft!!! Where do I sign???