San Bruno Rocking The Overbids!



Btw dragon add you buying for your OO? What’s there criteria ?


Ooh, not sure what you are asking. If you are asking if I am buying to owner occupy, yes, eventually. If I find the ideal house that wifey loves, I will sell the Sunset beauty and take the 500K exclusion if the living outside of SF is as good as you folks say it is . If not, we come home after I wipe out a good chunk of my capital gain from doing an owner move-in of the exchange property after renting it for a spell.

Criteria? We want a bit of sun, a bit of yard, a good kitchen space for wifey to have fun in, a big garage and driveway to house several cars. 3/2 is ideal for us DINKs. Daly City is ok, but honestly if it is going to be really foggy again, why move right? I am considering San Bruno, Millbrae now if under 1.5M and SSF maybe if plane noise is minimal. The lack of inventory is forcing me to network with all agents and consider all areas, including Daly City if not too foggy but the house has to a nice one with garage space and a decent yard. A big problem is wifey will not consider East Bay or anything South of Millbrae. That is what is killing me and making this so hard to finish up. If East Bay were doable, I would kick out my Fremont tenant so fast and redesign it to our liking. Problem around here is, everything I have seen, has sold fast within 2 weeks. Not one house has lingered. Even though I am in an exchange position with net proceeds of probably 3/4M in cash, I know I am not in as good of a position as a regular buyer. A regular buyer can move on the first property they want. I have to coordinate it with my exchange property. We will see what happens. My buyer needs to understand that if I don’t find anything he ain’t getting my place at a decent price which would be a shame but perhaps best in the long run.


So luxurious? What you describe is for a family of four :slight_smile: I think 1/1/ is good enough for DINK :slight_smile:
My primary is 3/2/1 1700/8000. More than enough room and a big yard that I hardly go out to enjoy.

Slow. Should be over a weekend open house.


Well, unfortunately we have inlaws and a mom who WILL be staying over now and then. I just don’t want to pay a premium price for anything larger than a 3/2. Yeah, the 2 weeks reference is probably long. Most homes are selling after the first weekend show. It is tough out there…


When I explained to the Mayor that EPA was a better place to buy than Pacifica she gave me a ration of shit…But I was right…


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Go grab it @sfdragonboy !!


Wow, you are in my head (and office apparently…). This crossed my phone earlier and I already called my agent. Now, he says that is a tad more windy and foggier. Hey, beggars can’t be choosers… I am entertaining all areas!!! God, imagine if I was in a strict 45 days window. I would be pulling what is left of my hair out…


Oops, I guess I forgot to tell you how this site is monitoring all users… :wink:


Shoot, when I signed up I had to use my email and provide you with info. You, of all people, def know where I am. God, one would have to be a really, really bad hitman if he or she couldn’t find me…


OMG, this one we liked and we couldn’t pull the trigger in time…213K over asking!!!


I just told my wife and she is really, really pissed at me for not bidding on this. Oh boy…the couch is going to feel real good tonight…

I’ll find another one, Sweetie!!!


I got one for her in South Lake Tahoe and Discovery Bay…waterfront and no fog


Technically, we weren’t exactly ready yet at the time this was available buuuuut, still, I broke a cardinal rule of buying RE: if you like something enough, submit a bid. Everyone loved the place so much and expected it to go sky high so they don’t end up bidding. OMG!!!


If you submitted would you have beaten the current winning bid?


I probably would have been willing to go there, up to 1.15M. Jaime, the agent, was very nice and I would have expected a Round 2 or 3 where whomever wanted it bad enough probably would have been given the chance.

In retrospect, she told me at the open house that she expected this to go for about 1.1M.


Wow! $213K over listing from just 3 offers on that Maywood home is a bit surprising! But on the flip side, $1.14M isn’t so far-fetched for San Bruno hills.

Remember this one? It was the highest listed home in San Bruno at $1.59M when we were talking about it earlier. It was sold today (seems like all-cash offer too) for $1.73M (!!).


Wow, that is impressive!!! Now, we don’t need or want anything that big nor that expensive. If I can stay reasonably close to 1M that would be perfect. That is why that one on Maywood was a decent deal since it was already remodeled.



Did you go check this one out yet?’’

From talking to the LA Maureen and her assistant who has lived in Mills Park for most of his young years, that may be the neighborhood for me. Yes, Crestmoor is nice too but the last few Mills Park area homes I have been to, I have liked a lot. Beggars can’t be choosers, but I am going to not consider Rollingwood as much. Everyone says the weather there is poorer (foggy and windy). That would explain why one agent said homes turn over more there. With Google coming in nearby, Mills Park is going to explode!!!

When I asked her point blank what this house will go for, she thought 1.5M easily. It is very nice. Curb appeal is not a 10 to me, but inside is awesome. In addition to a semi-formal dining room, you have this breakfast kinda nook area in the far corner and then on the other side a fabulous family room with a fireplace. Very nice. The yard is great too. This is three stories, where the master suite is on top and it is HUGE!!! Very nice, but I am weary that when you get old you probably wouldn’t want to climb stairs that much. But for a decent sized family, this is a great home.


Hi @sfdragonboy

Mills Park is a nice area - although it also tends to have slightly older homes (late 1940s) than other parts of the San Bruno hills (mid to late 1950s). Not that 10 years matter much at this vintage, but from what I’ve seem, many original Mills Park homes have only 1 bathroom and a small narrow 1 car garage. Most bona fide San Bruno hills homes have 3/2 with 2-car garage. I think the fact that this Magnolia house has 2 baths and a 2 car (albeit tandem) garage makes it rarer in the area, and thus the price premium.

I have been recommended to look at homes in the following elementary school attendance zones: John Muir, Rollingwood, Portola elementary schools in San Bruno and Monte Verde elementary school in SSF. I would also consider El Crystal elementary in San Bruno and Buri Buri elementary in SSF as backups.