San Bruno Rocking The Overbids!



Ok, yes, I def sensed the older homes part of it and you are right, I would prefer the side by side garages. If I am going to do all this and move, I mind as well focus on the areas with the better weather, so Crestmoor 3 is probably it right? I went to a decent home on Allen Street or Drive by Skyline College and chatted with the neighbor after. Cool, retired SF policeman who remodeled his home to be a monster home. He said yesterday’s nice weather, fuuuuugetaboutit!!! He said if I live in the Sunset it is like that typically in summer around there. Ok, take that part of SB off the list…


Buri buri has a 9 score in elementary school rating , do you think it’s a legit number?


Crestmoor is your best bet to avoid the fog from ssn bruno


Hey @sfdragonboy and @Elt1 - remember that non-Eichler flattop fixer in the Crestmoor area we had discussed earlier? It finally closed today at $1.15M, or $351K above listing.


Looks like Melanie did ok for her client…

How’s the hunting going, @adc? Are you the one who pended Bennington?:slight_smile:

I am looking into the viability of me tapping my equity fully from my primary home and using that to buy upfront my exchange property. A conventional exchange is going to be hard to pull off in this hot market. I don’t know why we didn’t think about this strategy sooner.


Hi @adc,

This looks interesting if you like to be close to nature…


Does flipper make money on this one? it was a 2 month quick turn around, and only sold for $237K higher than purchase price, with a complete remodel.


Yes, can do a whole lot with 200k… Also, the original house was already in pretty decent shape.


God, San Bruno hitting $1K/sq ft now…


@sfdragonboy have you given up on SB already? How about buying a piece of land in your Fab7x7 and build your dream house, preferably pre-fab?


I think that might be too much hassle for a homebuyer. Even for a flipper. It’s for hardcore developers only.


No, haven’t given up but I am deterred by the high pricing. Come on, I bought my Sunset home for 600K. Is a SB home worth 2X that? Hard to grasp that possible fact…Like you, I may end up in Millbrae…


Really??? I got my sunset home for 600k too! :rofl:


That I can get behind! Time for an upgraded Chinatown experience my friend!


Sounds like you got the better deal…(Mr Rousseau, Inner Sunset)…


I think the suburbia phase is simply that…a prelude before heading back to Chinatown. Got to get the grilling and grass out of my system before I really do get old…


But @sfdragonboy… by that logic, you could also ask if Millbrae is worth 2.5X your Sunset home or if Burlingame is worth 3X your Sunset home. :slight_smile:


Well, Millbrae seems to be “worth it” since on resale at least you have the schools for those folks who want it. Only a small pocket in SB filters to Millbrae schools (I was told). Burlingame is simply too expensive for what I want to do. If I can get in for under 1.5M, somewhere, and the house is nice, that would be an achievement. The fact is, there is not a lot coming online in SB at the moment unlike say Daly City where I am seeing more stuff but I am not digging the weather (mind as well stay in the Sunset).

How are you doing with your search?


Reports like this is not helping… (San Bruno is up there on the list too)


I found a property in the San Bruno hills area that I liked enough to be the winning bidder! Moving from a small & noisy Millbrae condo to a SFH in the San Bruno hills.