San Bruno Rocking The Overbids!



Congratulations! That is awesome news! Any insights or interesting tidbits that happened along the way after putting in the bid? Was there a Round 2 or finalists’ round?


So it can be done! @sfdragonboy no more excuse! Just pay up! :smile:


I may have gotten lucky. Just one round.


The bottom line is I am cheap and will not pay top dollar for a home that is a free for all. Keep in mind that folks really needing a roof over their heads are bidding as if their lives depend on it. I am not in that same boat. Yes, I have an exchange situation going on but the buyer is still squaring away a few things so we are all just simmering right now. If I see something again that really is ideal for us DINKs then hopefully I can use the equity line card if needed.


Don’t be cheap my friend. You deserve that 20 grand property tax bill. You know you do. :smile:


chinese always cheap… i know, cuz i am too


Wait… wouldn’t that be an insult to generous Chinese people like me??? :rofl:


depends on how you view it.


Bring micro can only go so far lol


Wow, pretty much exactly as the LA said it would, sold for 1.5M… San Bruno is no joke!!!


Not surpricing. Even in South San Francisco, a 3bd 2ba house of same size (1950SF), half of lot (2500SF), with $475/mo HOA, is selling for $1.4M. Buyer probably overpaid.


Yup, planes, trains and automobiles and still over 1M easily. Welcome to the Bay!!!


This one looks super pretty!!

C’mon @sfdragonboy! Buy this as Xmas present for Mrs. Dragon!


Too nice for our needs really. A 3/2 home that is in ok, functional shape for immediate renting of 2 years is what we really want. We can doll it up for ourselves once we inch closer to moving in. I am not relishing paying this kind of money. Shoot, I bought both my Sunset and Fremont homes for less than this.


Dude, we are not in Kansas anymore… Successful man like yourself deserves better. Way better. :smile:


Fearless Leader,

I am unfortunately a “victim” if you will of my upbringing. I didn’t grow up with a lot of money so unfortunately it is tough to break that habit of being frugal even when you have some money to spend. I used to eat out for lunch at work all the time but now I like eating in and checking in here. Yes, we take nice trips and eat out all the time on weekends but we have fairly simple tastes. The thing is, I like a great deal. Remember my gym membership for $24 per year for the rest of my life? I won’t be happy until I find a deal. It is just the way I am.


I searched “liquefaction” and apparently San Andreas fault sits right on San Bruno. Might want to consider that before buying your dream home there…


Given that the San Andreas fault runs along the entire Crystal Springs Reservoir immediately west of the scenic Hwy 280 and that most of the good neighborhoods on the SF peninsula are on the hill side close to Hwy 280 – e.g. Burlingame & Millbrae hills, Hillsborough, San Mateo Highlands and Sugarloaf/Laurelwood, and Belmont hills – bigger and more prestigious homes are in greater trouble if proximity to San Andreas fault is an exclusion factor.

From a hazard report perspective, only a small part of Portola Highlands in San Bruno and a small part of Westborough in SSF are in the earthquake fault zone. Other areas of San Bruno hills - Rollingwood, Crestmoor, and most of Portola Highlands - are not technically in an earthquake fault zone.

Maybe @Elt1 can chime in on this… I thought liquefaction is more of an issue for Foster City and Redwood Shores than the hilly areas of SF peninsula.


The entire Bay Area is in an earthquake fault zone. However I do not want my home to be sitting right on San Andreas!!! Apparently some San Bruno and Daly City homes are. Judge for yourself and be warned…


Yes, that map is mostly consistent with what I stated. I was mistaken with the Portola Highlands of San Bruno - they appear to be okay - they are close, but not “on” the fault line. Only parts of the Westborough area in SSF overlaps with the fault line. I never considered Daly City when I was home shopping, so don’t know much about that area.

Most of the San Bruno hills (e.g. Crestmoor and Rollingwood) are not technically “on” the earthquake fault zone (i.e. the red shaded areas on the house geological hazard report). They might be close to the fault line, but most homes located on Burlingame & Millbrae hills, Hillsborough, and San Mateo highlands are also close to the fault line.

Other factors that I had also considered when I was looking to buy was liquefaction risk and flood zone on low-lying reclaimed lands (eg Foster City and Redwood Shores) as well as tsunami risk (eg Pacifica and Half Moon Bay).

In the end, there’s a risk to living pretty much anywhere, SF Bay Area or elsewhere. On the plus side, we don’t have to worry about hurricanes, tornadoes, or big snow storms.