San Bruno Rocking The Overbids!



We all row together in one direction. There will be a day of reckoning for Brisbane. One day, Brisbane, may send out a call for help and no one is picking up…


Completely agree pacifica is a shithole.


Too prejudiced!!! If someone were to sell a house to me in Pacifica or Brisbane at 25% discount I would gladly accept that… :rofl:


Brisbane is windy and foggy


Huh? Foggy? Really??


It is funny that Pacifica and Brisbane are so worried about preservation. …Preservation of what???


Neither Brisbane or Pacifica are cities. .Brisbane is just a jumble of houses on the hill and Pacifica is a jumble of little enclaves spread down highway 1…no downtown, no real identity. .Well Brisbane had the dump…And Pacifica has surfing…And the best located Taco Bell, on the beach…lol


One more data point in the Crestmoor area today.

Does anyone know why this one took such a long time to sell? When I visited this house, I really liked the view of the Bay and the SFO airport, though I didn’t like the creaky floors. Didn’t bid as I thought it’d go much higher… but was somewhat surprised to see that it only went a bit higher (asked $1.08, sold for $1.15). Many neighboring homes in the same Crestmoor area are selling for $1.3M.


Can you hear the freeway from the house?


@manch not inside the house, but yes a little bit when you are outside (but not too bothersome to me). You also get the benefit of ease of access to 280, proximity to Mollie Stone, Lunardis, major employers like Walmart, YouTube, and all the biotechs. It’s also a fog-free clean airy neighborhood.


Yeah, it’s the consistent hush noise from the freeway traffic that is a major turn-off. In this market, a house looking like this would sell within a week or two weeks. When it sat for awhile,I knew it had a major issue. I only went there a month and a half ago because my agent friend thought this could work for my exchange which would be short term. No dice. I walked in, I walked to the yard, I walked out.

I may have to reconsider SSF or parts of it, since I learned something last night. I was at my sister’s house in Redwood City off Farm Hill and when I was outside what do you know plane noise overhead. Yes, plane was fairly high up but because it was really late and quiet up there the plane noise was noticeable. Maybe, I need to reconsider SSF since we have seen nice homes there before.


Hey @adc,

I went to Lee Ginsburg’s listing on Madison Ave (didn’t like it) but he told me of an upcoming one this weekend of his around the corner and up on Bennington. 2551 Bennington. I believe list is just under 1M. Not bad. On a hill though but you might want to check out. I would love to hear what you think. With my exchange I just need more time from a seller.


Thanks @sfdragonboy for the heads up!


Sure. Lee gave me a showing after he closed up at Madison last Saturday. Downstairs is a large living space/play or family room that is not permitted. Other side of the yard is some trees. The living room area is kind of nice for entertaining as it looks out onto the street.

I would have loved to like that Crestmoor one, but the freeway noise was a dealbreaker. To think that we are spending a million dollars for still some noise from planes and such is unreal…


YIMBY just confirmed he is a NIMBY.


Dude I am sure you are aware a million dollars doesn’t go that far no more…


Yes, but it could be anything you buy for any amount really. You hate to compromise right off the bat for some reason. Settling is not something I am good at and I have not had to do that ever on such a large purchase.


Does this mean you’re neighbor is picking up your quad?


Don’t want freeway or plane noise? Move to Tahoe…


Geez, 1.54M for San Bruno now… granted panoramic views (when weather allows it) and good size.