San Bruno Rocking The Overbids!



Well, he has accepted my offer to sell at the appraised price so I need to work out a few things first. I am not giving him that much of a discount when factoring in the 5% broker commission savings. The 45 days window in a 1031 exchange is ridiculously short in an environment where inventory is exceptionally low in the first place. I would love to have that money and then some adequate time to really go shopping for something that my wife will love. While we have about 400k in cash to use that is nothing in an exchange situation.


The Goodwin house is located one of the two newer (i.e. built after 2000) community developments that I am aware of in San Bruno. The other community is situated in the Rollingwood area of San Bruno. Like this one:

Both Goodwin and Merimont houses have HOA, clean streets, and good quality neighbors.


Geez, not the dreaded HOA!!! OMG!!! No, I won’t pay it!!!


I live in that area. I get view all the time(i get whole mountain view), I’m not sure how you guys come up with the fogs are so bad in that area.
it’s on the other side of college, a lot of times fogs break off at college . Even sometimes with fogs, it’s not really heavy.


Well, just people and realtors telling me that. Frankly, can’t be that much worst than the Sunset right? I would have to go up there one of those nights following a mini heatwave to see how thick it is.


Fog? where?


Photoshop! Photoshop!

Oh, not that…

That is a pic from Hawaii!!! Or Australia!!! NOT San Bruno…:grinning:


that’s from my backyard. I think i live in san bruno


@dioworld Love the gorgeous view you got there! Wow! … but the lichen (or moss?) on the utility pole do suggest that it does get foggy (or at least less sunshine) than other parts of San Bruno?

Does your roof get lichen/moss? I’ve noticed some houses in Pacific Heights and Portola Highlands of San Bruno and Westborough of SSF have green lichen/moss on the roof. I wonder why some homes get them, but not others, even though they are all in the same neighborhood.


Nothing on the roof or anywhere around the house.
Even if there’s fog, mostly few hours or at night. Back of the house vs Frog of the house is completely different too.


Yes, I will go out on a limb and say the sq ft is probably understated…

We in big trouble @adc if this thing sells for a million dollars…


Right now, front side has no fog, backyard i see fogs far on the mountain, maybe will be here around 8pm ish. For me this kind of fog is no big issue at all.

you know back in the days in hk, my best friend is from rich family living in the hills. And it’s ridiculously expensive , foggy and inconvinient. But these hk rich ppl prefer to live on top of the hill. I think I still have that mentality although i’m not rich, i love top of the hill especially with views. that 君臨天下 feel is so good.


I think @Elt1 is living the highest among us. What is south lake Tahoe’ altitude? 5k feet? He’s looking down on us all…


this looks like a POS. who the hell will buy this.


Yes, that is the $64K question, or $1M question…

If this sells and fast, I am going to cry…:cry:


Holy shmoly… even if this was a typo (let’s assume 1500 sq ft, and not really 15 sq ft), on a 2500 sq ft lot… that’s really expensive in a bad & cramped neighborhood.


Dragon boy it seems the multi family in SF are dropping in price. You don’t seem to mind getting tangled up in rent control laws why don’t you take a look?


No, downsizing remember? If I wanted multi unit, I would just stay in Oaktown…


Yeah, I can’t imagine a commercial or industrial mixed usage property would command that much. We shall see…


Remember your hero Bruce Lee? “Be flexible like water.”