San Francisco: City of World Class Filth


No, don’t. He has a rat :joy:


you should show your love and caring by giving the homeless a grand so they can buy more drugs. He’s not happy because he got no money to buy drugs, you should have help him.


They do drugs under the slide while there are kids in the playground. The poor mom was terrified and took her kid and left. I took video and called 911. That’s when they got pissed and tried to claim it was “just pot”. The cops here are so useless they never showed. The threat of the cops was enough to make them leave though. The park is literally surrounded by luxury apartment buildings where 1-bedrooms start at $2,500/mo.


Deviant behavior should not be tolerated in public spaces in Seattle or SF


Progressive cities are very tolerant.


Yes… and that tolerance is driving SF into the ground. I’ve always been perplexed at how “progressive” and “progress” seem to be so very opposite.


Don’t listen to the negativity of the people on this forum. San Francisco has never been better. Owning a house in SF has never been better.


Wow. It must have been hell before then. Because it’s the most disgusting city I’ve ever been to with homeless people that are creepy, crazy, and refuse to leave you alone unlike any other city I’ve been in.


Really. Sorry to hear about that… :rofl:


Damn, straight… how much money did your house go up in the last 5 minutes, @wuqijun???


I’ve lost track… :rofl:


Liberals prove the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Too bad most of you never saw SF before 1967. That great city was destroyed by the hippy invasion and progressive politics. The rush to tolerance of every deviant lifestyle has driven families out. Now SF has fewer children per capita of any city in America.


That’s a sign of wealth. Third world cities is where people breed like rabbits…


That’s the sign of a dying culture.


Not at all. You are probably talking about Detroit.


It is low, but how low? Low enough that you dont see any kid around?

Suburbs are much better for kids, imho.


Plenty of kids. Don’t feed into their negativity.


Im not, but sf doesnt look good enough for kids imho :slight_smile: a kid should be able to ride his bike blocks and blocks in safety. They should be able to play games in a no traffic/culdesac street.


They can, in my SF neighborhood.


We will see for how long.