San Francisco: City of World Class Filth


Very long.


The Sunset might as well be San Bruno. Has little to do with the City on the bayside. I learned to drive out there. Nobody there during the day.


I wonder what dragonboy has to say about that :rofl:


He already has, by buying in San Bruno:sunglasses:


Absolutely wrong, and I bet a lot of parents in Manhattan would say it is great for a kid to grow up in a big, bustling city. Hey, that is real life. Nothing wrong with toughening that skin on lil Johnny or Jane at an early age. At the most basic level, what is a parent supposed to do for their kids? Probably just to feed them and nurture them but a big one to me is to prepare them for the real world. There is no better training ground than the concrete jungle. Welcome to the jungle!!!

Again, friends kids who grew up in the Fab 7x7 and went to public schools here are doctors in training. Recent stuff…


Concrete jungle is accepted. It is the poo, needles and aggressive homeless wackjobs that are stealing SF from law abiding taxpayers.


Oh my goodness for once I agree with you on your Fab7x7 bias…


Actually, I have a friend who moved from NYC to the suburbs. Except for not being zoned for schools like the Bronx school of science anymore, she says it’s been a vast improvement.


Depends on where she moved from. Did she move from a multi-million dollar neighborhood in Manhattan or a slum in the Bronx?

Also, depends on where she moved to. To an upscale suburb like the Hamptons or a failed city like Newark?


Bronx->Westchester. She’s happy having green space and her own yard. You’re not going to get that in Manhattan for sure. Bronx was a bit greener.


Well, obviously. We all know what kind of a neighborhood Bronx is…


Greener than Manhattan.


Doesn’t mean much. Amazon rainforest is the greenest.


I like when sf means all of sf, but then you go into dividing nyc into its boroughs, to pick on.


Green is good. Being inside a bit of green is good. I dont think i could go back to living in a city with very little green. I am not an outdoorsy person, but it helps to see trees and pakrs around.


Things are never black and white. We all know that :wink:


Me neither.

Yeah. And cities are definitely very very gray.


The amazon rainforest welcomes you with open arms.


I hear it’s being chopped down to feed the people in cities. Clearly cities are evil. :stuck_out_tongue:


No need to go to amazon. Tahoe is there, you can even get investing tips from elt1 and be well off.