San Francisco: City of World Class Filth


I love Tahoe country living. Concrete is a necessary evil for commerce. Us retired folks don’t need to put up with it.
Clear cold mountain air. No need for steamy rainforests and bugs.

BTW, went to the American Century golf tournament. Number one celebrity golf tournament in America. All with the most beautiful lake and mtns. Curry hit a tree and then landed one next to the pin. Romo won.
A beach party and golf rolled into one.

Enough city life for the summer.



I did not know Amazon sold rainforests. I’m sure a small one would fit on my patio.


Brilliant. Does it come with its own raincloud? That could solve a lot of problems in the Bay Area.


To the original subject - if you’re not living in the area, but are reading news articles about DTSF, it seems as though it’s full of shiat, hobo’s,needles, devoid of tourists and an all around scary place to be. Frankly speaking the same thing can be said for skid row in DTLA. The tent city is terrible and trash is everywhere. Not so much of a needle/poo problem relative to what seems to be going on in NorCal. I’ve also spent a great deal of time in some sketchy parts of DTNYC and have experienced this kind of environment before. As for DTSF - Is it advisable to carry any sort of protection (stun gun/rapid flashlight/pepper spray)? Should we bring a metric boatload of disinfectants? Travel the area during daylight hours only? How bad is it really? A serious question given that we have to be in the Union Square area for an extended period of time soon. (Personal reasons that I can’t detail) We don’t have “boots on the ground” intel - only the screaming headlines from SFGate and other sources which could be headline grabbers… or could be 100% real.

Thanks in advance of your replies.


You know, I’ve lived in SF pretty much all my life and I’ve never had a problem with any such things. Just exercise common sense and you’d be ok.


Depending on what you’ll be doing in that area. Do you need to “live” around that area? Or do you just need to be there during business hours? The area south / east from Union square is not bad, though most places are closed after business hours. South of Market, and east of 5th / 4th are generally cleaner / safer than the western part. If you could find an temporary housing in that area, your stay would be quite pleasant.

Tenderloin is bad even during the daylight - I’m scared to even drive through Eddy / Turk / O’Farrell. You’d be amazed at the kind of alerts I get on my citizen app about incidents in Tenderloin / Mission.


For visitors, the perception of a city is often defined by the most touristy spots. For NYC, it’s Times Square / Empire States Building. For LA, it’s Hollywood, Santa Monica beach, Beverly Hills. Seattle: Pike Place / Space Needle / Queen Anne.

For SF, the most touristy places are often the worst, and the city should be doing much more to upkeep the allure for visitors. And for those who think all the tech money and gentrification is bad – if the tech boom didn’t happen in '00 and post '08 recession, this city would be no different from Detroit. Either we should learn to embrace the new comers, or we become stagnant conservatives.

Sorry for the rant - I need to vent about my city from time to time. :slight_smile:


@notabene any chance you moving back down south?


Overstatement. Tech boom didn’t happen to many cities and they are doing well without it.


Thanks for the perspective and the Citizen App referral. Yes, living in that area is a requirement unfortunately.


Driving thru tenderloin is a cultural experience. I guess walking is even more “submersive” but that may be too much for normal people. It feels like apocalypse. A window to look behind all the glitter and see the real SF.


Many cities had other industries to drive the economy forward. LA had entertainment. NYC had everything. Seattle had… rain. j/k. :sunglasses:

If SF didn’t have tech, the entire SOMA / South Beach / Mission Bay would still be what’s in Bayview today.

BTW, I watched the Game (1997 movie) this weekend - it shows Pac Heights, FiDi, Portrero Hills, Dogpatch, Marina. The damn city looks exactly the same today (20 years later), with the exception of the SOMA/SB/MB neighborhoods.


I’d love to at some point, but I hate hot, sunny weather even more so than suburban. :disappointed_relieved: So it’ll have to be the Peninsula / Palo Alto at the southmost border.

I still have hopes for this city though - if I could somehow land a job within the city (so I no longer have to commute to south bay), I can maybe move to calmer neighborhood like cole valley. hopefully


SF has tourism and finance. Not strictly tech. It is diversified. Silicon Valley is strictly tech.

My block looks exactly the same as it did 15 years ago when I bought my house. And that’s ok. I don’t want it to change any other way.


And drug trafficking ?


I’m told that daytime is better than nighttime. I have witnessed two incidents of people relieving themselves at Powell Station (daytime), had brown stuff dumped at me from a roof or upper window (luckily mostly missed me–I’m still hoping someone simply emptied a planter with standing water, not their portopotty) (daytime), and had a homeless person BEG FOR MY SOUL (nighttime). I’m not joking. We’ve also had a homeless person who wouldn’t leave us alone and a guard yelled at him to get him to go away (daytime). Shooting outside the place that we visit there in Union square (5pm). Friend has witnessed a drug deal outside a school entrance, but the deals were not with the school kids (daytime).

So far, haven’t seen drugs, and my son hasn’t reported needles…


“The Game” is a fantastic film (IMHO). If there’s anyone considering becoming a first time landlord I always recommend another SF based film ( “Pacific Heights” ) before they take the plunge.

Thanks for reading.


Thanks for the perspective. Pretty rough stories so far. YOW.

I know the new mayor is thinking that if you ask nicely, the addicts will do the right thing - comparable to using to “thoughts and prayers” hoping this issue will get solved. If they were serious about this, the first place to start is reinforcing its a needle EXCHANGE, not a needle GIVE AWAY. The addicts should be required to return needles on a 4 old to 1 new basis, or 1 for 1 if they also bag up some poo and dispose of it properly. It’s not too much to ask considering…

Thanks for reading.


I read that as “code valley” :slight_smile:


They’re not great stories, but so far my son still wants to go to school in that area. So it can’t be that bad. He’s more afraid of Bart but of course some of my stories are Bart…