San Francisco: City of World Class Filth


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Arrest the pooping peeps for indecent exposure and ship to rehab.
A friend who has prostrate cancer was hassled by the CHP near Dixon for pissing on the side of the road near Dixon. The cop didn’t actually see it just assumed it and let my 80 year old friend go.

How about the same treatment for these homeless bums. And bring back felonies for broken windows.

This deviant behavior is not new.

My friend had a convertible in Nob Hill . Never locked because it was too easy to break in.
One time a bum shit in the front seat and passed out in the back seat. Disgusting. My friend moved to Oakland


more problem with shit in sf


So we’re up here for the week (near Post and Jones). So far no “street needles” or shiat to leap over, but we’ve steered clear of the Tenderloin for obvious reasons. The number of hobo’s is staggering frankly. What’s saddest of all is how some of the strung out junkies are just lying half dressed on the sidewalk, baking in full sun. Nobody stops to help. It’s just too dangerous now. More “open sore, and barefoot” crazies than expected as well. I was followed for a bit by a screaming crazy on Sutter until a local security guard intervened. Stopped in to see the Haight Ashbury scene only to watch a pack of buskers mixing it up with each other.

Sad to see what’s happening as both residents and tourists are being pushed out of areas by aggressive panhandlers, buskers, and those in various stages of addiction. . Let’s hope the City clears the fog out of their collective minds soon and starts treating the underlying cause, not the symptoms only.

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Looks like NYC beats us again.


Ugh. That’s an epidemic waiting to happen.


Wow… That’s definitely cruel and unusual punishment.


That happens “down river” from Detroit when there’s heavy rains. The sewer backs up into people’s basements. I always thought “Born and raised in South Detroit” was a polite reference to down river. Locals consider down river to be derogatory slang. Turns out they tried North, South, East, and West. South fit the lyrics the best.



Jerry is on a tear… No safe drug injection sites for you, Fab 7x7!!!


Sean Miller is the brains behind the app and told NBC Bay Area he was inspired to start the project when he moved from Vermont to San Francisco in 2017 and was surprised to find himself constantly stepping over human waste.

Is he blind or something? Hope he wears closed toe shoes.


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Too many, hard to avoid :hot_face:


Breed seems to be doing a good job:


Breed for president!


Whoaahhh, hold your horses!!! Ms. Breed is for Prop 10, remember???